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We all march to beat of a different drummer when it comes to love. Some of us are passionate about the person we love, others are more independent and don't show their true feelings and others don't care one way or the other. I wouldn't give up on him so easily. Take it slow and easy. Don't mention the word "love" again or you could ruin a beautiful friendship. Friendship and love are really one and what it's all about, so take your time, keep the friendship and sooner or later you are going to know for sure if he loves you or not. Your other option, and one I suggest highly, is start dating other guys. Don't waste your time on trying to win this friend of yours over to your way of thinking. Never use men to get even with another, but honestly date other men and you may find you will fall in love with someone else. Also, if you have the attitude of "what will be, will be" and start dating he may just see he truly does care for you. Good luck Marcy

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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: What do you do if you love someone and you know he cares about you but doesn't feel the same way?
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What are the sign that someone loves you?

his company is not bored . he cares about you

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If that someone likes to look at you or talk to you.

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If he cares he will let you know. If you cant wait ask him and get it over with.

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How do you know when someone doesnt like you?

You will be able to tell by the way they treat you, are standoffish, avoid you or makes excuses to not be around you - you will be able to tell and feel it.

How do you know he cares about you?

If he cares about you it will be more than obvious. He will do things for you that are perhaps out of his reach. He will constantly try to contact you-whether it be through text, e-mail, phone call or in person..he will want to know everything about you. If he cares for you he will not make you feel bad in any form. If he cares for you he will let you know.

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If a girl doesnt like you who cares there is other girls out there you know? I know finding out that the person you like doesnt have the same feelings as you sucks but dont sweat it k

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You will know if he still cares for you if he's willing to make sacrifices for you. Someone who truly cares will sacrifice for a loved one, within reason.

What do you do if you love someone you know you shouldn't because they are to young for you I need help What should I do?

you should tell them. or else you will never know the truth about how they feel. if age doesnt bother you, it shouldnt matter.

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