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Because the states belong to the federal Interstate Benefit Payment Plan, all you need to do is contact your state's unemployment office with the details and they will process the claim. See the Related Link below.

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2009-12-04 19:16:51
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Q: What do you do if you move to a different state while receiving unemployment?
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Can you still receiving child support while receiving unemployment?

Yes, you are still entitled to receive child support even if you are receiving unemployment.

How much can you earn and keep your NC unemployment benefit?

How much can I earn while receiving unemployment

Can you get unemployment while receiving general relief?

You can get unemployment as long as you qualified to receive them and continue to comply with the requirements while you're on it.

If you are receiving a demotion but you are receiving the same compensation are you eligible to collect unemployment?

Each state has it's own criteria for determining eligibility, but changing titles or responsibilities while still being paid the same is not generally considered cause for unemployment. Check with your unemployment office to determine their rules for eligibility

Severance when file unemployment?

It is actually sometimes possible to receive unemployment benefits while on severance pay. It depends on the state you live in and how much severance you are receiving. If you cannot file for unemployment, you may be able to after the severance has run out-depending on how long unemployment extends for in your state. This article goes into the specifics of severance and unemployment. It can be tricky.

Can you receive California unemployment while receiving a pension?

That portion of your pension that you had contributed to is not deducted from your unemployment compensation. That which is contributed by the employer is.

You are currently receiving Pennsylvania unemployment If you move to Florida can you still collect unemployment from the state of Florida?

How am I supposed to know? Nobody does this! Actually, hundreds of thousands of unemployment beneficiaries move between states while receiving benefits. States have interagency agreements, ASK the PA labor commission what will happen when you move to FLA. They will have a ready answer.

Do you have to pay back unemployment in Pennsylvania if found to be disabled?

If prior to the disability you worked while on unemployment and did not report it, yes, you will need to pay back the over-payments! If you worked while on unemployment while also receiving disability benefits, the government can reduce your disability checks until the over-payments are paid back.If receiving unemployment, and reported any employment earnings, then became disabled, no, you will not need to pay back any money.If receiving unemployment, and you did not report any employment earnings, then you became disabled, yes you will not need to pay back any money to unemployment.This is pretty standard for any State.

If you are on unemployment do you need a W2 to file your taxes?

not if you had them take taxes out while you were receiving unemplyment.

Can you DRaw out your 401k while receiving unemployment benefits?

I did in Ohio and it stopped my unemployment payments for a few months. They figure out how long it stops it.

Can you work while receiving unemployment in Illinois?

In certain circumstances, you may be able to work limited $hours while on unemployment. If your unemployment counselor does not inform you of this option, be sure to ask the question.yes...they deduct the amount you earned from your unemployment check..

Can you collect New York State unemployment while on disability?

if you are fired while on disability can you collect unemployment?

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