What do you do if you regret breaking up with a boy but he says 'Sorry you had your chance' and doesn't want to be with you?


Wait. If it's meant to be, it will. Otherwise, it will pass and you will move o.

Answer I realize you must be sad at this point but you have to pick yourself up, and keep yourself busy - move on. It will hurt for awhile but things WILL get better. Spend some time with your friends and family, involve your self in things you find of interest you will find in time that with your mind and self occupied those feelings will subside and things will move a long - look forward to the future just think of what exciting things await you! And who knows when you least expect it they may be someone else around the corner! Hold your head up and leave the past in the past - look forward to the future!! Just think that if you never got a chance to feel sadness how would you know what happiness and to love feels like - among other feelings. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!!!