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You will have to wait until the baby's born and have a DNA test

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She slept with a married man and she slept with 5 guys on the first date cheated on her boyfriend slept with two guys in one day and she cant count how many guys she been with is this bad?

yea dats bad

How do you tell boyfriend has slept with someone you guys live with?

If he wants to be with them more than you

Who could you be pregnant by slept with 2 different guys but 3 days apart.?

Yes, but only with one dad.

Should you tell your boyfriend when guys are trying to talk to me?

I wouldn't. Guys are not going to stop talking to you because you have a boyfriend. If they act like they want to go out with you, just let them know you have a boyfriend.

What does it mean when a girl having boyfriend staring at random guys?

If a girl has a boyfriend and she spends a lot of time staring at other guys she is either just curious or interesting in who they are or she is trying to flirt with them.

What should you do if your boyfriend gets his ex girlfriend pregnant?

Well Did he do it before or while you guys were together?

How do i know if my friend is cheating on her boyfriend how do you know if she is trying to still my boyfriend?

well she may not pay much attention to her boyfriend and is hanging out with other guys and maybe flirting with them.

Can your cousin date someone you slept with as a teen?

no because you already slept with that person and you guys are related.

Can guys get guys pregnant?


Can you ever be friends with a guy friend again if you've slept with him 20 times but he was married and you guys got caught by your boyfriend who was his friend and told his wife?

No, you can't un-ring a bell.

How do you get a boyfriend when all the guys are jerks?

With difficulty at the least ! If all guys are jerks then why would you bother trying ? If that is what you think of guys then there is no chance for you ! You may need to reevaluate what you mean before this can be answered. positively, but I can tell you, you have it wrong ! Not all guys are jerks, in fact most guys are not jerks.

Why would a man try to get you pregnant?

A "man" wouldn't... a guy would. I've heard of guys trying to get girls pregnant in order to try to keep them and make the girl need them there.

What should you do if your girlfriend lied to you about how many guys shes slept with just to get with you but confesses that shes slept with more guys now that your together?

If you care about her then nothing. She told you the truth and you should appreciate her honesty, even if it was belated.

What do you do if this girl will not stop trying to be with your boyfriend and they also had sex when you guys were broken up how do you make her stop trying to talk to him?

Instead of trying to get her to stop talking to him, you should get him to stop talking to you. He is alot more likely to give you what you want than she is.

How do you determine who you are pregnant for if you slept with two guys?

The first question would be when you slept with 2 guys. If you slept with one early in your cycle, and you slept with the other right before your period, then it is more likely that the 1st guy would be the baby's father. It isn't 100% positive--but the chances lean more towards guy 1 in this type of scenario. If you slept with 2 guys and you don't know when you ovulated, then you will need to do a blood test after the baby is born. If the 2 guys have different blood types, often just knowing the baby's blood type can determine paternity. For example, if your blood type is an A, and one guy is an A and the other guy is a B, then if the baby is an A, then guy 1 is the dad. If the baby is AB, then guy 2 is the dad. However, often this isn't possible as the guys have the same blood types or if the baby's blood type could be a result of either guy. In this case, you will need a DNA test to determine paternity.

Why did your ex boyfriend promise to be friends after and then lied to you and started being a jerk to you?

I hate to say it, but that's just a guys way of trying not to hurt your feelings.

Guys how do you know if your boyfriend loves you or just wants some P?

If he keeps on trying or going too far/fast then he just wants some

Why would a guy want to get a girl pregnant?

Although most guys avoid trying to get a girl pregnant there are some that want to have kids. They hope that they would bring them joy and carry on their name and legacy.

Why does your boyfriend want to be with the guys?

Not sure. It is just something guys do. Period.

Does Fiona apple have a boyfriend?

no she does not guys:-)

Is it possible for guys to get pregnant?

no no

Can gay guys get pregnant?


Are guys able to get pregnant?


How do guys get the woman pregnant?

When a man and woman have sex, the guys sperm and the girls eggs come togather and, then your pregnant!!

Is it normal for a guy to lose interest in a girl if she has a boyfriend?

It acctualy depends on the guys character there is a possobility he will keep and trying to win her, but on other side he totally can loose interest in girl if she would be too eager or too in love with her boyfriend, it is also depends on her boyfriend too

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