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What do you do if you smell gas odor but can't find a leak?

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If you can smell it all the time, check if the smell is coming from the engine area or at the rear side. If it's in the engine area, check for leaks. There should be one. Otherwise, that is if the smell is coming from rear side, the fuel pump may have already failed.
Hey George===It depends on what kind of car you have. If it is port injeacted, look closely at the injectors and make sure they aren't leaking. Check the evaporative fuel canister {the can looking thing} and make sure it doesn't have raw fuel in it. Goodluck Joe
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What do you do if you smell gas odor but cannot find a gas leak?

if you smell gas but cannot find the leak or source immediately get everyone out the house and go to the neighbors. call the police and then they will handle it from there

Gas odor smell with the heater is turn on?

There must be a gas leak. Contact your gas supplier IMMEDIATELY, if the smell is in a house. If it is in a car, have your mechanic check for a leak.

What gas has smell of rotten fish?

Most gasses don't have an odor. The gas companies add the smell to make you aware that there is a leak.

What does a gas leak smell like?

A leak of piped natural gas will smell something like rotten eggs because a mercaptan (a sulfur containing compound with a distinctive penetrating odor) is added to the gas before distribution. Natural gas as removed directly from the ground has no odor.

A sweet odor in your car?

this sweet smell sounds like you have an antifreeze leak in your heating/cooling system. most of the time it is the heater core

Why do you smell anti-freeze odor through radiator but no leaks found?

It could be a small enough leak that it evaporates before dripping.

Which cell can detect the smell of the odor particles?

The olfactory bulb can detect the smell of odor particles.

Why do some people that don't like ferrets as pets is it because of their strong odor?

Ferrets can have a musk odor, neutered ferrets have less of a smell than ferrets that have not been fixed. Some people find their odor offensive, where as some people like their smell. Like I don't' like the way dogs smell, but I like the ferret's odor which to me smells like popcorn or Frito's.

Why is a specific smell is added to natural gas before it is supplied to the consumer?

So the consumer can see if there is a gas leak. Gas normally has no odor and it thus undetectable.

I want to smell the odor from roses?

find some roses or some rose scented stuff.

When you get nervous you can smell a strange odor what is it?

you really don't smell any kind of odor it's just a figment of your imagination.

Smell a propane odor while using the all wheel drive in your 2003 Chevy trailblazer What does this mean?

Its your differential or transer case fluid. That is how it smells. Check for a leak.

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They do have some odor, but most of the bad odor comes from their feces.

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The odds are that the odor with the disorder is a disorderly odor.

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BAD!!! Once you smell it, you will not forget it.

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Flavor is to tast as aroma or odor is to smell.

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What could be the problem if you smell a asbestos type smell on a automatic 95 dodge ram 4x4?

Asbests has no odor. If there is an odor, it is from something else.

You had a leak under your sink and now the press board is dry but has a very strong smell of wet wood How can you get rid of the smell you have sprayed Pine Sol and bleach and it is still there?

theres a product called What Odor? That will surely eliminate this odor, and it will not mess up the wood. They also offer want a 100% money back guarantee.

You smell gas in your Nissan Xterra?

In general, if a gasoline odor is detected in the passenger compartment of a car, there is a leak in a fuel line. It should be repaired immediately because there is a danger of fire.

Does sperm leave an odor in your vagina?

Yes, not if you douche immediately but say u go to sleep after intercourse. When you shower the next morning there is an odor. Not a nasty odor but a smell..the smell of sex.....seriously its just a smell of mixed bodily fluids i guess.

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A noxious odor is an offensive smell.

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It has a very strong and extremely distinctive odor. If you smell it and you don't know why, get out of there.

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ok now some people say it dont have a odor well i think it do because its odor is smell

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