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you can go to your room and listen to your favorite music "it will relax you" if that don't work you should masterbate! The above has some good options, but you need to deal with why you are stressed. Is it peer pressure at school, feeling like you aren't attractive, don't fit in with the kids you would like too or feel you will never have a girlfriend/boyfriend. When you decide what is making you so stressed then talk to your mother, another relative you trust or a good friend you can trust to keep your feelings confidential. At 15 you are into puberty and your hormones are changing so you can get pimples (not all teens do, but most do in variations), moodiness, slight depression and feelings that you don't fit in. This will pass! Taking Yoga, Tai Chi or getting into some sports will also help allieviate stress. Good eating habits. If you do drugs (not accusing you) such as Marijuana this in time will cause mood swings, depression and often anxiety problems such as panic attacks. If you are STOP!

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How much is 15 in a 3 cc syringe?

Too much.

How can a 15-year-old lose 72 pounds in 6 months?

too much stress on the body to lose that fast - you could risk heart problems and sagging skin. Be happy with yourself and diet/excercise properly... don't be irrational and do something that you will regret. losing 72 pounds seems unhealthy for a 15 year old (im 15 too).

How much jail time can a first offender get for second degree kidnapping of an adult?

about 10 yrs. only if they killed too its 15 yrs.

Is 90 grams of sugar from juice too much in one day?

Yes, it is far too much. You should only be consuming around a third of that amount of sugar daily, and some of this will come from other areas. You are best to have only around 15 grams of sugar from such juice.

Are 205 70R 15 tires interchangeable with 215 60R 15?

No. There is 4.34% difference in the diameter which is too much. Your speedometer will be off 3 mph. 195/70-15 would be a better swap for 215/60-15 tires. It will only be 2.3% off and the speedometer will be off only 1.4 mph.

What are the release dates for Hart to Hart - 1979 The Dog Who Knew Too Much 5-15?

Hart to Hart - 1979 The Dog Who Knew Too Much 5-15 was released on: USA: 24 January 1984

How many stickers are too many?

Probably 10-15 stickers on anything is already too much

What do you do on level 15 on this is the only level too?

Click the in-game link to the walkthrough.

How do you get on too fat for 15?

you have to be too fat for 15.

How much a 15 year old kid should be paid for working in school?

Nothing. Btw im 15 too.

What causes complete tomato plant wilting?

not enough water or too much fertilizer It is only 2 out of 15 plants that this is happening to so it's got to be something else.

How many calories should a 15 month old toddler be consuming?

not too much

My knees have been killing more for over two weeks they hurt when im in 1 place for too long. I'm only 15 and I do do sport that may put stress on them they've been swelling too what up?

You NEED to visit it a doctor if you don't it will continue hurting and might get worse as you get older then you WILL need surgery.

In Alabama can a 15 year old girl who is pregnant move out of her parents house without their permission if their causing stress on the pregnancy?

Only if she has a court order.

What are the release dates for Too Much Progress for Pipe Rock - 1927?

Too Much Progress for Pipe Rock - 1927 was released on: USA: 15 January 1927

How much will you get if you sold Littlebigplanet at Gamestop?

Not much the game of the year is only $15 at amazon new

How many pounds is considered obese A doctor informed me that 15 pounds too much is considered overweight What is the correct answer?

15 pounds too much, OF COURSE that's overweight. It's not obese, but it is definitely overweight. Watch what you eat, go to the gym three or four times a week, you'll be fine. Lose it, but don't worry too much about it.

Is 15 volts too much from the alternator?

That depends on the application [use] of the alternator. For automotive applications, NO, 15 Volts DC is not too much. Generally, an acceptable voltage output range for automotive applications is 13 Volts minimum to 16 volts maximum.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Girl Who Knew Too Much - 1969?

The Girl Who Knew Too Much - 1969 is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:12 Sweden:15 USA:R

Can you substitute 195-65-15 with 215-60-15?

Yes, this is a very acceptible swap. There is only .18" difference in overall diameter. Your speedometer will only be off .44 mph too fast.

How do you reduce 15 kg weight in a month?

you can only eat protiens not too much on lunch, while on breakfast and dinner you can have cheese or yogurt but with diet bread, and you need to drink water as much as you can but not cold water and you need to do some exercise.

What to do to have periods?

1) be born Female 2) be between 15-45 years old 3) have a healthy weight, not ballet dancer or marathon runner skinny 4) don't train crazy hard, like several hours daily or stress too much Then there's a bunch of medical hormonal stuff that has to be right too, but these are the obvious ones.

Is 15 too old to take up figure skating?

no. you are never too old i know some kids on collegiate teams (18-22) who only have been skating 3 years. (since they were 15 or older)

How much does game truck cost if you only have 15 kids?

Still $300

How much does terrance howard gets paid for movies?

only $15 and night..