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If the bathroom door is closed then it's very difficult to spy on someone unless he has a hole drilled through the wall somewhere. Check it out! Other than that I don't see how it's possible he could be doing this. Be careful! Some women who are guests in your home can be one of two types of women. #1 They are so comfortable with you and your husband they use the same habits at your home (possibly the bathroom door open) that they would do in their own home, or, #2 they enjoy leaving the door open knowing full well it would entice any man to take a peek. If there are other reasons you suspect your husband is spying on your female friends then please post on the discussion page.

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How do you get your husband to tell the truth about the affair you suspect he had?

My husband always tells me that he loves me and he won't cheat on me.

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Sure. But if he dies under mysterious circumstances, you instantly become the #1 suspect.

Should you call the women you suspect your husband is having an affair with if he says they are just friends?

no, bcuz she'll just say the same; that will make you more curious. got to find out the hard way... patience and time will tell. ANSWER: I disagree, you can call the other woman by asking her questions. If you don't, it doesn't matter if they are only friends, it will end up in affair. Example of what you can do, if you call her, ask her why she didn't say no to your husband. After she hears you, she will be nervous because she will think that your husband told her...........try this

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Answer In respect of your husband whatever happens behind closed doors should stay between the two of you. If you have doubts or further questions perhaps the best person to contact would be a doctor or a priest. Either of these two people should be able to help you out.

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