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Dont worry and continue to take your pills as normal.

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Q: What do you do if you took the pill of a wrong day?
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What will happen if I lose my Monday pill but just take Tuesday's pill will it be messed up should I be fine?

you should be fine - Ive accidentally took a wrong day so I had to go backwards on my Pill lol

You missed your contraceptive pill and took it the next day and took 2 together and got the morning after pill but then had sex a few hours after you took the morning after pill could you be pregnant?


I took a pill on the first day of my seven day break by accident then took seven pill free days could i be pregnant?

No you will be protected against pregnancy.

What if you didn't take the pill at the right time but took it later on in the day?

If you took the pill but late its absolutely okay. If you missed a day then make sure you take two the next day but dont have sex if you didnt take the pill.

Is it okay to take your birth control sugar pills backwards by accident?

If you took a the wrong sugar pill on the week you were supposed to be taking sugar pills, there's no worry. If you took a sugar pill when you should have taken an active pill, it's as if you took no pill at all.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you took the first pill of a new pack late and had intercourse the day after?

If you have been using the pill for some time and took that first pill late on the day it was due, chances of pregnancy are very small.

What to do when you took next sunday's pill by accident instead of Monday's pill of the first week and took Monday's and Tuesday's pill on first week of Tuesday?

I recommend to just keep taking them each day

What if you took your progestin-only pill in the wrong order?

Every pill in a pack of progestin-only pills, or minipills, is exactly the same. Taking Errin, Micronor, or Cerazette in the wrong order has no effect.

The pill what if you were on your week off and the first day back on the pill you took it and had sex is that bad?

I don't think so, as long as you took your pills on schedule you should be fine joymaker rn

What do you do if you are taking birth control and you take next Saturday's pill this Saturday?

If the pill you took was a sugar pill/placebo pill, the result is like missing a pill. If you just took the wrong active pill, there is no risk. Continue taking the pills as scheduled, and next Saturday just take this Saturday's pill. If you're not sure if these were active or placebo pills, contact your health care provider or pharmacist for advice specific to your medication.

Do start pill before or after your period?

If you're just starting the pill, it's best to take the pill on the first day of your period. My GYN told me that you can also start the pill the Sunday following the start of your period... That way, it's easier to keep track of whether or not you took/missed your pill that day.

Hi i had intercourse on Wednesday night and i took my microlite pill that day however i missed my Thursday pill am i at risk of been pregnant also do i take my missed pill with my Friday pill?

no i dont think so

If I take the microgynon pill but one day into my first break I had unprotected sex and I then took the morning after pill and am due to start taking the pill again on Friday will it have worked?

The "morning after" pill causes an abortion, yes.

What happens when you skip a pill lets say you skip Tuesday and since that day you take the pill the wrong day like taking the pill one day before you supposed to take it what can happen?

Not taking the pill as directed can lead to pregnancy - although skilling just one is not likely to cause any problems.

What if you took extra week of birth control pill?

If you took them every day for a week you would delay your period by one week.

Can you get pregnant if you take the pill normally take your 7 day break and then on the first day of retaking the pill have sex and the condom splits?

Providing you have taken all your pills correctly you will be protected during your seven day break and if you took your first pill of your new pack on the day after your seven day break you should be protected.

What would happen if you took the contraceptive pill every day for several months without taking the 7 day break?

Nothing. The doctors today say this is OK. I wish they had said it when I was on the pill.

What to do if you took your pill earlier than usual?

If you took your pill earlier, there is no additional risk of pregnancy. If you're on the combination pill you can take your next pill at the usual time or the new early time. If you're on the progestin only pill, take your next pill within three hours of the time you took today's pill.

What happens if you take your last green birth control and you forgot you took it and then you take your first white pill?

No harm done. Just continue taking one pill per day. Your next pack will start a day earlier than usual, and that will be your new pill start day.

Can you get pregnant if you take the wrong birth control pill on the wrong day?

No. The pills are all the same. They are just labeled to help you keep track

What should you do if you took an extra birth control pill by accident some point last week thinking you missed one just looked at the wrong day and now will be short one by the end of the month?

Don't worry about it. I sometimes take two pill one day if I forget it the day before. My doctor says it's absolutely fine to do that just don't make it a habit.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you took the after pill the second day?

You have the probability of not getting pregnant. Take the pill within 72 hours. Sooner you take it the better.

Could you be pregnant if you have been taking the pill a day too early each month and had unprotected sex and it is now time for the 7-day break and you have not started your period?

I don't understand how you took your pill a day early everyday. If you took your 21 pills everyday, not 2 a day.. then the probability of your being pregnant is slim. Stress could cause your menstrual cycle to be late. This also depends on what pill you take, if your taking them correctly, and how you eat.. etc. The pill is 92-99.7% effective against pregnancy, not STD'S.

Is it normal to bleed for a month while on the pill if you missed a pill and then took one to replace it the next day?

The bleeding will not have been caused by you taking the pill a day late. If you have been bleeding for a month, I would advise that you urgently sought the help of a medical professional

What should you do if you took a placebo pill instead of a regular pill when you only have one regular pill left?

Start your new pack a day earlier so that you don't go more than seven days without an active pill.