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That could mean that your computer isn't capable of running Windows 2000 (i.e not enough memory or RAM or something)

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Q: What do you do if you tried upgrading a ThinkPad 760XD from Win 98 to 200 and the laptop just keeps restarting?
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Does IBM make the thinkpad laptop?

No. IBM did design and sell the original ThinkPad laptop. However, a company named Lenovo has been manufacturing and marketing the ThinkPad laptop since 2005.

Which is better - IBM thinkpad or acer aspire laptop?

IBM thinkpad, definitely.

Is IBM thinkpad t22 a good laptop?

yes it is

What company invented the Thinkpad laptop?

The Thinkpad laptop was designed, developed and sold by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation). The first model was introduced in 1992, and since 2005 the Thinkpad is produced by Lenovo.

What hard drive sizes are available with the ThinkPad T60p laptop?

The ThinkPad T60p laptop is not longer manufactured. However, used ThinkPad T60p laptops can be bought with 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, and 200GB harddrive sizes.

Is the Lenovo t60 a type of laptop?

The lenovo t60 is a ThinkPad, which is a brand of notebooks. The difference between a regular laptop and a Thinkpad is typically in the appearance and operating system.

What is a Lenovo thinkpad?

The ThinkPad is a brand of laptop computer manufactured bu the Lenovo company. There is also a new lenovo tablet in the works also to be branded as a ThinkPad.

What are the Top laptop brands?

Thinkpad, Apple, or HP

What can you do with a thinkpad?

A Thinkpad is a type of laptop computer from Lenovo. It may come equipped with preloaded software, but that is at the discretion of the retailer. All of the same functionality you would expect from a comparable laptop and most of the same functions you'd expect from a desktop will be possible with a Thinkpad.

What is the largest display screen size available on the IBM Thinkpad t42 laptop?

The largest display screen size available for the IBM ThinkPad T42 laptop is a 15 inches (1024x768). This laptop can also be purchased in a smaller size.

What is the screen dimension of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop?


What is unique about a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop?

The Lenovo Thinkpad laptop is unique because it provides Windows 8 Pro and come with 3rd Generation Intel Pentium processors. They are a great choice for business professionals.

How do you fix an IBM Thinkpad 385cd laptop?

It would depend on what was broken.

What is the name of the series of Laptop computers manufactured by IBM called?


What is the price of a docking station for an IBM ThinkPad laptop?

20 dollars

What laptop does the screen twist?

Its called the Lenovo Thinkpad X200t or X200s

Where can one purchase a Thinkpad notebook?

The Thinkpad notebook is a type of laptop computer and can be purchased from various online sites and high street stores all around the world. The Thinkpad is available in various sizes and specifications.

What do you do if your laptop screen wont minimize?

try restarting your computer

How do you add memory to your thinkpad R50e laptop?

buy a memory expansion pack

How was the Laptop Made?

By upgrading the computer that was made by upgrading the calcutaor. dmn your dumb

What does the Lenovo ThinkPad do?

The Lenovo ThinkPad is simply a brand of laptop computer so it can perform all the normal laptop functions. There are several different versions with special features, such as the Twist which can convert to a tablet.

How do you get the CD drive back after Upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 professional on an IBM Thinkpad?

Try reinstalling the driver for the CD drive

What is a good notebook for under 700?

a used IBM thinkpad; they're as indestructible as a laptop can be these days!

What is the cost of the IBM Thinkpad laptop?

The IBM ThinkPad laptop has not been in production since 2005. It has gone under the name Lenovo since that time. Buying laptops from 2005 or before would usually require to buy used, and they should run for $50-200.

What are some good Lenovo laptop models?

When purchasing a Lenovo laptop you need to determine the need it will be used for firstly as they are designed for specific needs. For the small business users the ThinkPad Edge is good and for the larger businesses the ThinkPad L is great.

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