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If you mean you blush constantly then visit your doctor and see if you can receive any treatment to prevent it if you don't find your doctors advice helpful then research blushing treatments on the internet then go back and visit your doctor and ask him or her about the treatments.

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When the foot brake is pressed which lights must come on?

The red ones in the rear of the car. Note: They are separate from and next to the red lights that are on constantly when you turn your head lights on.

When making a right turn on red at a red light you?

When making a right turn on red you must come to a stop, then turn unless there is a sign stating that you cannot turn on red ("No Turn on Red").

How do you get a dehumidifier to not run constantly?

Turn it off

Why does my Turn signal stay on constantly?

check the multifunction (turn signal) switch

How tomatoes turn red?

They turn red when they reach maturity and produce lycopene and carotene which help the turn red.

When can you turn right on a red arrow?

You can turn right on a red light and a left red arrow. If there is a sign that says "no right turn on red" or it's a right red arrow, you can't turn right.

If you dye your hair red do your lice turn red?

Some, but they might die and some will turn red

Can you make a right turn on red when right turn light is red?

Typically, in states that allow right-on-red, it is legal unless there is a sign posted that says "No Turn On Red"

Did the Red Cross turn into a hospital?

The Red Cross didn't turn into a hospital.

When you have your period can you pee turn red?

Yes your pee can turn red when you have your period

Is a red maple deciduous or evergreen?

Since the leaves turn red in the fall it is not evergreen... the leaves are dying and that's why they turn red... Soon after the leaves turn red they will fall to the ground.

Why do my turn signals stay on constantly with no flash?

change the flasher relay

Why do songs turn red on frostwire?

In Frostwire your files will turn red when they are not being shared.

Does an acid turn paper blue and red?

im thinking it would turn red:)

What turn blue litmus paper red?

An acid will turn the blue indicator to red.

What happens if you put peroxide in your hair?

if you get peroxide in your hair it will change color. if your hair is blond it will turn silver if its brown it will turn red if its red it will turn blond if its black it will turn brownish red if its jet black it will turn grey

What color does an acid turn if red cabage indacator is added?

Acids turn red/pink when red cabbage indicator is added. Alkali/bases turn blue/green. Neutrals turn purple.

Can you turn left on a red arrow in California?

From the California "Rules of the Road": No Turn Against A Red Arrow. You may not turn right or left against a red arrow.

Do all monkeys have red butt?

no not all monkeys butts turn red, they turn red when their ready to mate ;)yum

Why does water turn red when you put red dye in it?

the red dye is red

Why do bird noses turn red?

dont mean to be mean but there beaks and they dont turn red

How do Tasmanian Devils make their ears turn red?

Its ears turn red when it becomes agitated.

Can a red garnet turn pink in sunlight?

A garnet is a red stone and it will not turn pink in the sunlight.

Can you turn right on red from second lane in Texas?

You can turn right on red from the second lane in Texas if there is not a no right on red sign. Be sure to watch for traffic when making this turn.

Can you turn right on red in Ohio?

Yes. If there is no sign telling you 'No Turn on Red' , you can turn right on red (after coming to a complete stop and yielding the right of way to other traffic).

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