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Honey, I had something very similar happen to me. All you have to do is try to forget about him and move on because if he won't talk to you for that stupid reason, then maybe he was never worth your time. I know it's hard to let go of people you love, but what you have to realize is that if someone doesn't care about your needs now maybe they never really did. Love is such a confusing thing and it's even harder to get your heart broken. Honestly, I don't see why he won't talk to you until after you're ready, but it's probably not worth even trying anymore. If he comes running back to you, decide whether or not you want to go through with the pain all over again. Shoot him down and let him know that you're not gonna let people treat you like that, especially someone who was supposed to care about you. Take this answer into consideration and I'm so sorry about your problem; it's a horrible thing to go through.

2006-08-13 18:25:11
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