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Feel both heater hoses-IF ONE is hot & NOT the other,then U have a bad heater control valve OR NO Vaccume going 2 the valve.If NO thermostat then the engine won't produce enough heat.IF the blend door aren't operating & stuck on C00l - then no Heat.LAST(not likely) if Impeller on water pump is worn down-not enough water will FLOW.

recommend doing a coolant flush and back flushing the heater core. Most likely it is clogged. If you have used stop leak in the past for a coolant leak than you might as well just put a heater core in, That stuff clogs up the heater cores

Check Thermostat and temperature senson for damage, and if need replace..


I really doubt the thermostat and temp sensor are bad, it is most likely the heater core is clogged up. Take off both the inlet and outlet hoses and use an air compressor to blow air through it, gunk should spray out (which is causing the no heat problem) and when it warms up outside take off the inlet and outlet hoses (for the heater core) and hook up a garden hose to it and let it flush for about 15 minutes

2015-07-17 17:35:54
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