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you might have a speaker blown out, that's whats happenend to me if u have a good car stereo the blown speaker will send a loop back signal once the stereo gets this signal it will shut down the other speakers to keep them from blowing out.

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What could the problem be if the stereo stays on after the truck is turned off.?

Has it always been like this or not? If it is, then it is not really a problem. It is how the stereo was installed. An stereo can be installed to be turned on whether the engine is on or off. If the stereo cannot be turned off at all, then you have a problem with your stereo.

Why do your headlights Dim when you turn your Stereo up on your 2004 Chevy Impala LS?

It is important to know what is going on inside of a vehicle. The headlights dim when a stereo is turned on or turned up because power is being drawn away from the lights to the stereo.

What is the plant that can produce honey?

Many plants produce nectar which is turned into honey by bees.

Why does random music play on sims 3 on ps3?

you must have a stereo, and someone in the household must have turned it on.

What does a generator produce?

A generator, such as the ones used in renewable energy resources, produce electricity when its turned by a turbine.

When you turn the key to the on position in your 1995 240sx there is a loud clicking noise behind the stock stereo is there a problem with the stereo what could it be?

There are quite a few relays and solenoids that are activated when an engine is turned on. Some of them make noise.

How do you connect computer to a home theater jvc receiver?

The simplest way to connect a standard computer to a home theatre system is to use a stereo mini-jack (male) to dual RCA (male) cable. Connect the mini-jack to your computer's "line-out" headphone jack and the RCA jacks to your home theatre. NOTE: Make sure that the volume is turned ALL THE WAY DOWN on your home theatre system BEFORE you connect the jack. This setup won't give surround sound, but unless you have an HDMI output, optical output or spdif output, then 2 channel stereo is all you're going to get. Don't worry though, it'll be plenty loud!

Why must an output be addressed only once in an output position in a plc?

I am sure that you realize that all of the conditions on the rung containing the output instruction must be true for the output to come on. Let's assume that they are and the output is energized. If the program encounters another rung with the same output addressed, but the rung evaluates false, it is then turned off. I hope that you can see that the addressed bit could be turned on and then back off during the same scan. If there are multiple conditions to turn on a particular output bit, use branches on the rung, or write multiple rungs to turn on internal bits that can then be relayed to the rung containing the output device address. I hope that this helps!

How do you set clock in 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I hate to admit I searched this topic before noticing the "hr" and "mn" buttons on the bottom right of the stereo console (1998 Pontiac grand prix...stereo with equalizer built in). just press the buttons to adjust the time (with the stereo turned off).

How does a goat produce cheese?

A goat produces milk which is then turned into cheese by humans.

How does knocking on a door produce sound?

Kinetic energy is turned in sound energy.

Why is the lights on your car stereo not working?

I was putting in a new stereo in my car and i was pushing with a screwdriver to pushing the wires throw i cause the lights interior not working and the clock keeps going back one oclock when turned off and car door bleeper and stereo not work at all You probably blew a fuse, check the fuses.

How can you record Microsoft sam?

Installing Speakonia and registering it, you can type stuff up and export it as a .wav file. Or, you can download Audacity and install it. Make sure Stereo Mix is turned on or you have a "Line-In" cord. Set Audacity to record from Line In/Stereo Mix.

How do you know if the alternator is bad on 02 sonata?

Harsh start, lights dim when stereo is turned up with bass. Or go to advance auto and have them test it.

What Is Split Track Format On A CD?

Split track simply means the instruments are on one side and the voices are on the other side of a stereo system. This way one or the other can be turned down for when someone wants to learn the music. For practice the musicians can turn the right/left output to lower the volume of the singers and singers can lower the volume of the instruments.

How does nuclear power plants produce electricity?

Using nuclear fission, generators are turned.

How do camels produce water in their humps?

Out of fat. Their fat is turned in to the water that they need to survive.

How missions land was turned into ranchos in California?

They weren't turned into ranches. The missions still exist and are still working. Each mission did produce crops and had herds.

How do you turn off protect mode on kenwood car stereo?

Kenwood car stereos have protect mode and sometimes it gets turned on. If someone wants to turn it off, they need to remove the stereo and unplug different wires to determine which one is causing the protect mode to be on.

1997 camaro z28 has power to run the lights and stereo but will not start i have changed the starter?

Same thing happened to my 95 z28 turned out it was the ignition coil

Why your stereo has no sound?

Possible reasons that no sound comes from your stereo: (note; some of them may sound stupid but you`d be surprised how often they are overlooked!) * Speakers are not plugged in * Speakers are incorrectly connected * Stereo is not plugged into mains / mains not turned on / batteries are flat * Speakers have been blown * Fuse in mains plug has blown * Fuse or Circuit breaker has blown / tripped in Distribution Panel * Speaker cables are damaged / cut * Amplifier is incorrectly connected * Amplifier is blown * CD / Tape deck, etc is incorrectly connected * CD / Tape deck, etc is not turned on * CD / Tape deck, etc is damaged or broken * CD is badly damaged or dirty / tape is worn or blank * No tape / CD, etc inserted * (if using radio) Radio is not tuned in / connected properly / turned on * Stereo is turned to standby or not turned on * (if using remote control) Batteries in remote are dead * Headphones plugged in? may prevent sound from speakers if so

What can ores be turned into?

Ores are refined to produce manufacturing grade metals and chemicals for consumer use.

Can helium be turned into hydrogen to produce energy?

No, energy is produced by the opposite reaction, hydrogen to helium

How do you reset the messages such as Low Tire Pressure on a 2000 Chevy Impala with an after-market stereo?

With the key turned on ( not started ), click your parking lights on 3 times

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