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The linkage in the console gets sticky with cokes and coffee spilled on it. Take the console out and clean the linkage good.

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โˆ™ 2004-10-08 10:24:01
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Q: What do you do if your 1995 Saturn SC2 will not go from Park into Reverse or Drive?
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Why would your 1995 Buick run in park neutral and drive in reverse but stall when put in drive?

* cause it needs to be put in drive to go forward

What is proper gear indicator for 1973 Chevy Blazer 350 turbo five position park reverse neutral drive low or six position park reverse neutral drive low low?

park,reverse,neutral,drive,low2,and low1

What does prndl stand for?

Park , Reverse , Neutral , Drive , Low

When your 1995 Chevy cavalier is shifted from park to reverse kinda fast it stalls out even if you shift it slow it stalls also when you shift from reverse to drive?

Sounds like a torque converter lock up solenoid.

What do the letters on a gear shift stand for and what do they mean?

Park, reverse, neutral, Drive and low

Why does your reverse lights come on when the car is in park or drive?

To let others know that you are breaking.

Where is the reverse switch on Mercedes 230 clk?

Immediately passed the Park position. Neutral separates the Reverse gear and the Drive gears.

How do you beat level 11 on parking space 2?

You cannot drive forward into the space, you need to reverse park. You cannot reverse park to the left as the bollard is in the way so you must turn you car around and revese park to the right.

What is 99 navigator waight?

It will wait as long as you have it in "park." Put the baby in Drive or Reverse and off she goes!

Why does 93 Mazda mx6 stall when put in drive or reverse ive driven it for almost 4 months then all the sudden this its fine when its in drive or neutral but if i put it in park or drive it dies?

It might be a problem with your transmission because not all mx6's stall when you put it in drive or reverse.

Why wont my car start after automatic shifter in 'drive' or 'reverse' while key is removed?

It needs to be in park or neutral to start. All cars have a "safety" switch which prevents starting in gear.

What does it mean when a 2000 Breeze doesn't want to shift from Park into Reverse or Drive?

are you pressing the brake as you try to shift?

In an American car what does prndl stand for?

The gear selections, in order: Park; Reverse; Neutral; Drive; Low (2nd)

Why does my 2001 Pontiac grand am SE vibrate when in Drive and you come to a stop but only vibrates on Drive not in park or neutral or reverse?

inspect the upper motor mount

What do these mean PRND32L?

It is the transmission gear selector. P = Park R = Reverse N = Neutral D = Drive 3 = Third Gear 2 = Second Gear L = Low Gear or First Gear Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Third Gear, Second Gear, Low Gear

Where is the computer module on a 1998 Lincoln Continental Located?

I can start the car in park but when put it in drive or reverse it will cut off then i would put it back in park it will start

Why would your brake lights work when in park but stay on when in drive reverse and neutral?

Readjust the brake light switch on the pedal.

What does the prndl switch do?

It tells the transmission computer what gear the driver has selected. ie: park, reverse, neutral, drive, low

When the car is in park then put in reverse it makes a force bang in reverse 2002 sl-2 Saturn?

mostlikly one of the engine or transmission mounts have separated from the rubber causeing exxesive engine movement from the torque or reverse whitch is the lowest gear ratio

I have to shift from park to drive then to reverse to get reverse to work in my 95 diamante why is this?

The shifting in your 95 Dimante should work properly. If it is not, there is probably a gear out and you will need some transmission work done.

What are reasons a Mercedes won't shift out of park?

If your Mercedes won't shift out of park, you might have an issue with the brake sensor or the brake itself. The brake must be fully depressed in order to shift from park to drive or reverse.

Why would a Chevy 4x4 whine only when put in reverse or drive and not in park or neutral?

you have a problem in your torque converter or transmission pump

What causes a Taurus transmission to shift hard when moving from park to drive or reverse?

check fluid in tranie....and LUCAS tranie lube

Do neutral count as a gear?

Yes it does count as a gear because there is park, reverse, neutral -the one we are talking about-,and drive. P.R.N.D. GEARS.

How do you get your 1996 Nissan Quest out of park?

When we have this problem, we turn the ignition off and shift into neutral, restart the engine and it can then be shifted into drive or reverse.