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4x4 Motor Sticking - Quick Fix

I called a local Ford Dealership and the Service manager there was very helpful. I did not have to replace anything. He told me that if I had not been using 4wd in a year or better (and I had not) the problem could be the 4wd drive motor beside of the transfer case sticking. He told me to try this little technique before replacing the motor. He said to crawl under the pickup and have someone else sitting in the cab of the truck. Have them press the 4wd button on and off in succession for several times in 10 second intervals. At the same time with a rubber mallet I tapped lighty on the motor as the 4wd button on the dash was being pressed by my friend. IT WORKED!!! The transfer case went into 4wd and has worked fine ever since the End of November. I took his other advice as well. I now put my unit in $wd at least once every couple of weeks just to keep the motor from sticking. He said this was a common problem on that model after it got 8-10 years old. someone. If this does not work he said the 4wd transfer motor was probably bad.

I would definitely recommend putting your vehicle in 4wd at least once a month. It doesn't matter if you are driving or not... the main point of this is to make sure the transfer case motor does not get stuck in its current position, and this does not require the vehicle to be in motion. So, on a cold morning when you are waiting for your vehicle to warm up, simply take 10 seconds to put your vehicle in 4wd for a moment and then back to 2wd and you are all set.

My husbands 1998 Ford Ranger did that and it was the motor to the 4 wheel drive. It was about 400 for the part. His was stuck in 4 low.

This same problem has happened to me and another friend with a Mazda pickup. We just sprayed the shifting silonid by the transfer case with WD-40. That cleaned it up and it shifted fine again.

I have a 1998 Ford Ranger that got stuck in 4WD Low and wouldn't come out. After hundreds of dollars and three mechanics it was determined to be the actuator on the front differential. The word I got was that it was about $700 for the part; not sure if that was the total cost of fixing it though.

One mechanic I talked to said to just tap the actuator with a hammer if this happens, as sometimes things get gummed up a bit. He also said to make sure to go through proper procedure (carefully) in engaging/disengaging 4WD, and to try to put the vehicle into 4WD at least every few thousand miles, particularly if you rarely use it.

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Q: What do you do if your 2001 Ford Ranger went into 4 wheel drive and will not come out?
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