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What do you do if your 8-year-old child is running a fever of 104.3 degrees?


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April 16, 2012 7:01PM

* You might want to take the child to the hospital.

You definitely want to be in touch with your doctor. That said, kids at that age can easily withstand fevers that would be a major problem with adults. Clearly, you need to take the fever down. Children's aspirin is great for this. Use the dosage on the box.

Also, you can try an alcohol rub or a tepid bath. By tepid I mean it needs to be below 990F -- you can tell with your arm. If you can't tell when you've immersed your arm, it's perfect. At first, it'll feel cold to the child, but it'll get lots better FAST. If that temperature goes up, or you can't lower it with the bath or alcohol rub and aspirin, call the doctor again, and ask what to do. However, the methods I've described should drop the fever considerably. If you can get it below 1010F, you're well on track.

Work on keeping the child hydrated and comfortable. The fever should go away in a day. If it takes more than 36 hours to drop this temperature -- again, call for help. Otherwise, work on keeping the child comfortable.