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Take your baby snapping turtle to the vet. It might be sick and need some medicine. Good luck:)

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โˆ™ 2006-07-04 02:19:21
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Q: What do you do if your baby snapping turtle is not eating?
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Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

Can a baby snapping turtle eat fish food?

Yes baby snapping turles can :)

Why would a baby snapping turtle stop eating?

Illness or disease. Contaminated water. Lost it's snap?

How do you tell when a baby snapping turtle is dying?

You can tell when a baby snapping turtle is dieing when it does not move at all for five minutes and a liquid poors slowly out of its mouth.

What is the weight of a baby snapping turtle?

40 pounds

Can you feed a baby snapping turtle ham?


When to Let baby snapping turtle go?

You can let go of the baby snapping turtle when its older.Or if your taking care of it when damaged you can let go of it when its know longer hurt.

What does a baby alligator snapping turtle eat?

An alligator snapping turtle would eat mostly small fish, and raw meat.

How do you tell the difference between a baby common snapping turtle and a baby alligator snapping turtle?

Aligator snapping turtles and regular snapping turtles can be told apart by the tail on the aligator snapping turtle, which is longer with jagged spines. Its tail resembles an aligators thus the name aligator snapping turtle. It also has a more defined shell when its young so it will have larger looking spines than a regular snapping turtle. Hope this helps. Common snapping turtles have a pinkish mouth and alligater snapping turtles have brownish mouth

Is my snapping turtle an alligator or common snapping turtle?

Common snapping turtle

Why is the alligator snapping turtle endangered?

Alligator Snapping Turtle are endangered because of the human poachers , and are being killed :( ,simpples'duzit baby, x

When can a baby snapping turtle have babies?

whan thy mate

Can a baby alligator snapping turtle hurt if bites?

yes i have a baby alligator snaping turtle and it bit me on my finger and had a grip on it

Is it good for a baby snapping turtle to be in water all day?

Most snapping turtles don't like to bask often, especially at a young age due to their vulnerability to predators in the wild. As long as the turtle is swimming normally, eating, and coming up for air it should be ok. A good site to find out more about snapping turtles is Austins Turtle Page.

Does the mom or dad snapping turtle take care of the baby snapping turtle?

No the parents usually disappear after eggs are laid and the baby's fend for themselves

Do you have to excersice a baby snapping turtle?

Haha no.Snapping turtles like to sit around all day

What is the different in a snapping turtle and a reguler turtle?

a snapping turtle snaps a turtle doesent

Picture of snapping turtle?

this is a picture of a snapping turtle

Should you take your baby snapping turtle outside?

yes of course

How do you clean a baby snapping turtle?

use an old tooth brush.

Is there a turtle called a snapping turtle?

yes; there is also an alligator snapping turtle

What turtle is larger Florida Softshell turtle or Aligator snapping turtle?

aligator snapping turtle

What should you do if your snapping turtle is not eating or moving?

You should not even own a snapping turtle but if you have special permission to own one that okay. Your turtle might be to cold so get it a heating lamp. If that does not work it is probably dead.

What should you do if your baby snapping turtle is only two inches long and is not eating?

This is a very informative website: Good Luck!

What is the phylum of a snapping turtle?

the phylum for the snapping turtle is Chordata