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Well who do you want to keep? Your best friend? Or that boyfriend? You can't have both. If you start going out with him, your friend will be upset. Just remember that friends last much longer than boyfriends so if you value your friendship with her, you will have a "hands off policy" when it comes to ex boyfriends.

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2006-03-30 20:46:49
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Q: What do you do if your best friend has just broken up with her boyfriend and you have a huge crush on him and he likes you and you have liked him since before they started going out?
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What does it mean if your boyfriend plays with your hair?

It means he wants to be close to you and he really likes you. My boyfriend was my BEST friend for 7 years before we went out and he started doing this like 3 days before he asked me out. :)

Is it okay to date your friends boyfriend?

well if he's still your friend's boyfriend then no! but if they've broken up and your friend is ok with it (ask her first) then go for it.

Does a friend make a good lover?

Yes if you have a broken up allot of times and a friend is there to comfort you ask them to be you Girlfriend OR boyfriend)

What should you do if a friend that used to give you hugs everyday is now giving hugs to your boyfriend?

well, if she was your friend before you started dating him then go talk to her about it and reminder her hes yours, and if she keeps doing it shes not a real friend.

How do you tell your friend that you liked their boyfriend before they started dating?

Easy! When they stop dating, just tell her and she'll pretty much understand and be able to tell you the reason they stopped dating.

I was talking to my friend at school by my locker then my boyfriend came and I madeout with him for a long time why is my friend mad at me?

Your friend is mad because you completely ditched her/him for your boyfriend. You were talking to them then your boyfriend came and you completely ignored your friend. You will have to be more considerate in future; it is not polite to just make out with your boyfriend in the middle of a conversation. You should think about this before you talk to your friend and try to see through their eyes.

Your boyfriend broke up with you and then your best friend asked him out what do you do?

Nothing. You two are broken up. It's not your business any more.

What can you do if your boyfriend does not like your best friend?

You have to decide ... best friend or boyfriend? I say 'mates before dates' because your best friend is the one who is always there for you. Even if you break up with your boyfriend, your best friend will still be there to tell you 'it's alright'. So, if your boyfriend doesn't like your best friend ... tell him to get over it, because they are important to you so he should at least put up with them.

You got asked out by your friend and you have a boyfriend what do you do?

tell your friend the truth, or if you like your friend more than your boyfriend...dump your boyfriend!

What is the difference between a boyfriend and a boyfriend?

A Boyfriend is like Boyfriend & Girlfriend. A boy friend is a friend that happens to be a boy.

What if your best friend is a boy and your boyfriend is jealous?

Treat your friend as a friend and your boyfriend as a boyfriend. Make your roles crystal clear to the both of them before something bad happens that you regret later on. I know it sounds simple, but it's crucial that you treat both in a very distinctive way. If your boyfriend trusts you than there is no problem just tell him that we are just friends me and my friend.

What if you have a boyfriend and your best friend is Valentine's with your boyfriend?

you need to ask your friend what is the meaning of it? did your friend know he was your boyfriend and did your boyfriend know that she was your friend. You cant always jump to conclusions first get the information and facts

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