What do you do if your best friend wants to be best friends with someone eles you hate?


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Speak to your friend about it.. If she still wants to be best friends with that person, you might have to just accept it. Hopefully your friend will understand from your point of view.

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If your girlfriend hangs around with you and your best friend it is difficult to tell if they are friends or if your best friends really wants her. As long as your girlfriend is with you and treats you well it does not much matter whether your best friend wants her or not.

When your best friend asks someone else to hang out after saying no to hanging out with you it may mean that your best friend wants to spend time with other people. You can ask another one of your friends to hang out if this happens.

If you still like your best friend then try to get her back or let her go with your sister if that's what your friend wants. Or mabey your friend could be friends with your sister and best friends with you.

say to ur friend who do you trust? me your best friend or her? you know i wouldn't talk about you.

try to become friends with that person that your best friend is friends with. MAybe you can become a trio.

You say "Best friend" but, if they were your best friend they wouldn't do this to you. I would try & move on, make new friends then see what happens.

Grouping someone means you label them. You can group someone as your best friend, Covergirl friend, family member, school friend, Party People, friends, Superstar friends, club friends and Unclassified.

Someone you trust> Someone who is always by your side even when you mess up in the good and bad situations. A best friend is someone who wants to help you when you get down she or he is someone who helps you with your relationship with God!A best friend is someone!!!!!!!!!!!1

tell your friend that your brother has a girlfriend and he can't go out with her sorry friends

Perhaps your best friend is not aware that things have changed in your friendship. You might not be best friends, but still are friends enough for an invitation. Buy a small gift and go. Answer this friend probably thinks you have good taste so he/she wants your gift. or he/she wants to be your friend again.

It seems he wants you to be familiar with his friends as well, no problem with that.

A good friend is someone you want to spend a lot of time with and are close. People often have lots of good friends. A best friend is someone you are always loyal to and love even more than your good friends. You usually only have one or two best friends.

Often when a man says that you are his best friend, all he really wants is to get back with you and will be very hurt when you either say no, or find someone else. Just let him know that if he just wants to get back with you then he is wasting his time and if he still wants to be friends with you then just try hanging out with him as just friends and see where that leads.

That depends on if you want to go out with this friend or not. And if this guy is trying to set you up with someone else it is plainly evident he is not interested in you as more than a friend.

just ignore my bestfriends bestfriend. btw, she's not my friend

To be best friends with someone that already has one, show interest in activities they like and listen to their problems when they need a friend.

Friend means someone that cares about you, misses you when your away(best friends only) and someone that helps you when you need help.

If a girl calls you her best friend, it will either mean that she's using you to get to someone or she just wants to be friends with you. Give her a chance, maybe there will be something special about her.

Well that depends, maybe he isn't your true friend and you need to find someone else to be your new best friend.

If two people are best friends, it probably wouldn't be the best thing to try to steal them. If you had a best friend, think about how it would hurt you if they started being best friends with someone else. One can have more than one best friend.

he wants to get tips from her to please your and make you happy, or he likes her, or they are best friends as well

Everyone wants a friend or needs a friend and I'd like a best friend!!!just tell me your username

The "proposal" is a metaphor, symbolizing your sense that your friend wants to have a closer relationship. Similarly, the best friend could also symbolize someone or something else, such as a group or organization that wants your participation.

Take them out for a drink and find someone else unless you want to be caught in the middle of your best friend and friends war

It is not known who Emily Browning's best friend happens to be. She may have more than one friend or may personally decide that she wants to have many close friends and not just one best friend.

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