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Some people get really weird w/ their friends if they find that their friend likes them as more then a friend. I'm guessing by the question you don't like this friend. But you should really analise your relationship to make sure first. You don't want to miss a good oppurtunity because they could find someone else. But you don't want to just go out w/ them and try it cuz it could ruine your friendship. Don't get weird on your friend..Just ignore it. I know it is hard but really it's not like they've pictured you naked or anything. They just have a little crush. If you don't like them it'll go away and they'll move onto someone else and go back to being friends.

AnswerSee what the reason is, if its trivial and can be worked out but they don't want to, let them go. If its something that you had no idea about and they think ending the relationship is the best approach, then let them go. They obviously have decided on their own that you are worthy of their consideration, so don't give them the time of day anymore say see ya...Move on to people that will be more forthcoming with you....
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Q: What do you do if your best pal does not want to be best pals with you anymore?
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