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Well, I've had plenty boyfriends not trust me, but it was with good reason :-) Now, after you've examined your behavior, and still don't understand, just ask him. He is probably insecure, and that's nothing you can fix. Are you two open in communicating? Ask about his past relationships, is this a pattern, does he throw fits? Is he worth even bothering to find all of this out? I've found just to get out is best, I breath a lot easier, and am now w/a guy who trusts me completely.

2006-07-20 20:10:21
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Where can you buy your friend a boyfriend?

A boyfriend is not something you can buy. You have to earn trust to get a boyfriend.

Can you trust a cheating boyfriend?


What should you do if you don't trust your boyfriend?

Not be with him, relationships are built on trust

How can you get your boyfriend to trust you again after cheating and lying to him?

You cant he maby still wont trust you so find a new boyfriend

If your boyfriend tells you i could never cheat on you do you think he still would?

No. especially since i trust my boyfriend...So... do you trust yours? ask yourself. trust is important.

What is the funnest thing to do with my boyfriend?

don't have a boyfriend trust me they are nothing but trouble =]

Boyfriend but you have feelings for another guy who has a girlfriend what can you do?

stay with your boyfriend. trust me.

How can you be sure that your boyfriend will not abuse you when we get together?

You Can't Be. But He's Your Boyfriend, You Have To Trust Him(:

What do you do so that your boyfriend could trust you again after you lied to him?

get a new boyfriend...

How do you trust your boyfriend?

Well if you don't trust him you don't deserve him now do you? :)

What is the secret of boyfriend girlfriend?


What can a person do if they don't trust they're boyfriend especially if they live in NJ and her boyfriend lives in Florida?

if you can't trust your boyfriend, then you probably shouldn't be in a relationship with him, or should have better communication

How do know if it is true when a girl tells you that she has slept with your boyfriend?

Ask your boyfriend. If you don't trust his answer he shouldn't be your boyfriend.

How do you know if your boyfriend trusts you?

you will know your boyfriend trust you if he will let you hang with other guys and let you do what you want and what makes you happy. and he will trust you if he loves you

Is it bad if a boys lies to you about breaking up with you?

YES! IT is. whatever a boyfriend lied to you about, he is no trust worthy boyfriend. Trust me dawg. THis is not Crap to mess with.

How can a girlfriend trust her boyfriend?

A girlfriend can trust her boyfriend by asking him if she can or be testing to see if she can. A girlfriend can set up some simple experiments by saying things that she already knows is true and then testing to see if her boyfriend is honest with her. Also, trust takes time and if the girlfriend has lost her trust in her boyfriend then he's got to get it back. Or he will be costing their relationship, big time.

What should you do if you and your boyfriend have trust issues?

If you and your boyfriend have trust issues, then you should probably break up of try to figure out why you don't trust each other. I sincerly hope I helped. : ) Good Luck!

I dreamed that my ex boyfriend cheated on me..why?

maybe because you have trust issues w/ your boyfriend

How can you not be paranoid over your boyfriend?

practice trust, wont hurt if you do. and if you say you trust him, you have to work on it.

How can you trust your boyfriend?

never ! besides he should be worried about you instead ! don't trust him ? leave him!!!!

I don't think my boyfriend trusts me?

gain his trust, or dump him! gain his trust, or dump him!

What does it mean when boyfriend says You Got Me?

your boyfriend wants to know he can trust you ex: you got me if i fall

Would I be the boyfriend of Alexandra?

Make a move to be her boyfriend trust me im a girl i would know.

How do you know if your boyfriend is honest?

he's your boyfriend you should trust him no matter what, there should be no doubts in a relationship.

How can you make your boyfriend love you and trust you?

well do something for him, proove him that he can trust you with anything, or talk to him alone