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What do you do if your boyfriend gets jealous way too much?


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well apparently he has some self esteem issues. If hes been this way for sometime and its getting worse "Get out while you can" Or just tell him lighten up francis!!!! it's not your fault your atractive. Sounds like your game-playing and enjoy this reaction out of him. You may have talked yourself into believing that SLIGHTLY FLIRTING is just A-OK, but there is no doubt you know how jealous he gets. Most young men would be jealous. What will happen is a fight may break out one time and fights today are not always fair and your boyfriend could get seriously hurt. Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if there isn't something in your relationship you can do to prevent this. If he should be just jealous over nothing then the above poster is correct.


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i think is ok to be jealous but too much of it is not good,a guy dat jealous too much can if even his girlfriend..

if he gets too much of you nagging

It would be hard to say why your boyfriend is always gets mad at you without knowing the situation. It could be because he is jealous, you are spending too much time together, or he may have lost interest in your relationship.

Ok, first of all you're 12 and shouldn't have a boyfriend. Second of all who cares if he gets jealous, that's his problem. PS. Learn how to spell: ***What do you do if you have a boyfriend who loves you but gets jealous when another guy asks you out or when you hangout with other guys? I love him too and i don't say yes to those guys. I am 12 and he is 13? Furthermore, you dump him and you wait until you're of age to actually have a bonafide boyfriend.

The problem is that Kaitlin is in a movie, but Sky gets a part in it too. AND her ex-boyfriend, who Austin is jealous of. Sky and her ex-boyfriend torment her. BUT you have to read the book to find out the rest!

There are three explanations why she is jealous. She may be jealous because she feels like a third wheel (feeling left out), she wanted him but you got him instead, and also a reason can be that you spend way too much time with him when their our no girl's times or nights for you two or more of your other friends besides her. Spend time with her a little bit more than you do with your boyfriend. Don't hang out with him all the time friendships are just more and as important as they are in a relationship.

Not if you don't want him too. He is expressing how much he enjoys being with you.

too big, he's scary, his an ape, hairy smells too strong jealous

What's there to be jealous. Do you expect your boyfriend to hang out with other girls or Uncle & aunties. Obviously he is supposed to hang out with his own friends and that too boys. Its something very natural.

I'm not so sure because I'm not a guy, but I think because he always lives with her and her boyfriend loves her so much he wants to love with her too! Hope I helped

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This just means that he really likes you, and is jealous. Just talk to him and tell him that these other guys are JUST friends, and that no one can replace him as your boyfriend (if you mean it of course). It's good to have a trusting relationship where you can tell him everything. Maybe don't hang out with these other guys so much and start spending more time with your boyfriend. But, always make time for family too.

He likes sex. Most guys do. It's just a little too much for him. If you don't want to have sex with him, just tell him no. If he gets mad at you for it, you should find a different boyfriend.

Any respectable boyfriend will not talk too much about his girlfriend.

You will know this by his/her behavior. If they gets jealous when some one else talks to you . Or if they often treats you like a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Tell him that he is being jealous and possessive so much that you feel too controlled by him, that you need more freedom and that only talking to other guys is really no reason to get jealous. Also tell him that you will watch out very much that you never flirt in any way with other guys. If he doesn't realize he's putting you into a cage and still goes on, you may want to consider giving him a last chance or directly breaking up.

He either wants to make you jealous or he still has secret feelings toward you and wants to see if you do too.

The only way that he could be possibly be jealous is if you spend more time talking or doing other things with her rather than your dude. You really can't say too much about the jealousy because its a matter of how he trult feels. He'll just have too eventually get over it or accept the fact that that is your "BEST FRIEND" and he is your"BOYFRIEND". You could just always let him know what it really is OR just keep your friendships and relationships seperate.

To you, he may be ugly. But to her, she may see his personality instead of his appearance. There is a chance she will leave him if problems are serious enough. Until then, she is probably sticking to him until she has a reason not to. Try not to be too jealous.

then your ex is prolly jealous. but if you really like this guy then i think you should date him. and explain that to him too. talk to your ex about it too

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If this guy is not your boyfriend then that means he probably really wants to be but is too nervous to ask you out, don't consider this a flaw, it just means he is shy. If he is your boyfriend then this either means he really cares about you, or that he only wants to make your freind jealous. Never rule out that your friend could be lying and don't make too much drama from the little things!

just ignore it but if it gets too bad break up with him.

Just be nice but not too nice or it gets annoying for him or just ask him why he is not talking to you. hope this helps.

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