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It is a very unhealthy relationship when a person is obsessed with another. It's abnormal and it comes under the heading of "abuse." People who become obsessed with their partner think nothing of spying, asking friends where that person has been, or keeping that person on a tight rein. They are not comfortable with you going out with your friends and and will ruin your life. It's best to break-up with this person. If you love them, then talk to them and if they don't go for help then you have to move on. Obsessed people are generally immature or something in their earlier environment has led them not to trust mates they choose. Good luck Marcy Enjoy it. (Unless his obsession takes on forms you can't enjoy and can't prevent.) You may also want to look at "What do you do if your spouse is overly jealous?" if it's that sort of obsession.

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Are you obsessed with your boyfriend?

There are many people who are obsessed with their boyfriend. Not all people are going to be obsessed with their boyfriends though.

My boyfriend is obsessed with justin bieber what shall I do?

There is really nothing you can do if your boyfriend is obsessed with Justin Bieber. You can just support your boyfriend.

Why are you so obsessed with your ex boyfriend?

the reason why are you so obsessed with your ex-boyfriend is because you still have feelings for him!

How do you break up with you boyfriend who's obsessed with you?

Tell him he is obsessed and you dont like it.

What if you're obsessed with your boyfriend but he's not obsessed with you?

It is okay to be obsessed. It is a sign that you truly love them and that they are right for you. I obsess with my girlfriend and she thinks that it is romantic.

Why is your boyfriend obsessed with seeing your bra?

Probably curious about size.

How can you avoid to get obsessed with your boyfriend?

figure out things you dont like about him and hold on to that.

What are some signs that will tell you if my boyfriend is obsessed with you?

ok so your wondering if your boyfriend is obsessed with you well heres one thing he may call over and over if you don't anwser and he may follow you if you don't want him to.

Why is your boyfriend obsessed with your butt?

because its hot men love a nice butt

Your boyfriend is obsessed with female ejaculation Is he gay?

Probably not. If he were obsessed with male ejaculation, maybe, but most guys interested in anything to do with women and sex are straight.

How do you tell if an ex boyfriend is obsessed with you?

If he keeps stalking you, giving silent calls and sending you sweet messages in an attempt to get back with you for more a few weeks, then he is obsessed with you.

How do you stop being obsessed with your boyfriend?

To stop being obsessed over your boyfriend, which is not healthy, one must concentrate on other aspects of your life. Try spending time with friends and family, or taking up a hobby. Give yourself and him some space.

How do you tell your boyfriend that your NOT obsessed with him?

dont hang out with him 24-7 n dont call him alot

Will Being Obsessed with your boyfriend make him distance?

Yes, it will most likely make him feel smothered and to want to get away from you...being obsessed with anyone is not a healthy thing to be doing anyway.

How do you tell if your teenage daughters boyfriend is obsessed with her?

If you think he is obsessed with your daughter ask him if he is or you can see if he has lots of pictures of her and talks about her all the time.Trust me I'm obsessed with a band named Green Day and I have lots of pictures of them and I talk about Green Day all the time.

What do you do if your best friend is obsessed with her boyfriend?

you shouls talk with your friend and see whats going on. And if she is obsessed you have to make a decision between her and the guy. I would go with my friend because there are other fish in the sea.

There's this movie about a girl who meets her dream guy after breaking up with her boyfriend not sure about the boyfriend part but the dream guy becomes obsessed with her what is it called?

maybe "fear"

What is the best thing to do when your boyfriend breaks your heart?

Well, I would tell he/she how you really feel, but don't become obsessed. :)

What are the signs of a obsessed boyfriend?

Well that depends on what he is obsessed with. if he was obsessed with you then he would be hanging around you like 24/7 or he wouldn't really want people to be around you so i guess he would be all over you trying to protect you and be around you all the time. and he would talk about you all the time or have pictures of you.

How do you know if you're obsessed with your boyfriend?

When you start getting paranoid and feel the need to know what he's doing 24/7.

What can a parent do when a teenager is obsessed with x boyfriend?

I would encourage her to meet new boys/friends to get her mind off things

How do you get your boyfriend to be obsessed with you?

Good question! I am thinking that if he's your boyfriend, meaning he asked you out, or he accepted you asking or whatever, he is probably already obsessed with you. If he's not your boyfriend, just the guy you like, then to get him to be obsessed with you.... I'm still trying to figure that out myself! Some ideas for getting your loved one to become more obsessed with you are to talk to him more, and make sure to put aside some alone time for him, don't spend all of your time with him AND your BFF. Also dress cute, and make eye contact a lot. Also, DON'T ABUSE THIS, but every now and then chat with other guys, just for a little jealousy :) But not too much, because that could always have a breakup result!

What does it mean if you see your boyfriend often in dreams?

This simply means that your boyfriend is on your mind. It is perfectly natural to dream about a loved one. The dreams do NOT mean that the boyfriend is thinking of you; dreams only illustrate the dreamer's own thoughts and feelings. It means your unconscious mind is fixating on your boyfriend. You are possibly obsessed, don't worry.

What do you do when your boyfriend is obsessed with fallout 3 and ignores you for it?

ignore him bak - make him think u dont care hes bein a pain i the bakside.

Why is it that females are obsessed with an emotionally abusive boyfriend named Edward Cullen?

because he's fricken amazing and would do anything for her. he's selfless