What do you do if your boyfriend is obsessed with you?

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July 27, 2008 12:07AM

It is a very unhealthy relationship when a person is obsessed with another. It's abnormal and it comes under the heading of "abuse." People who become obsessed with their partner think nothing of spying, asking friends where that person has been, or keeping that person on a tight rein. They are not comfortable with you going out with your friends and and will ruin your life. It's best to break-up with this person. If you love them, then talk to them and if they don't go for help then you have to move on. Obsessed people are generally immature or something in their earlier environment has led them not to trust mates they choose. Good luck Marcy Enjoy it. (Unless his obsession takes on forms you can't enjoy and can't prevent.) You may also want to look at "What do you do if your spouse is overly jealous?" if it's that sort of obsession.