What do you do if your classic car is worth more than you would be reimbursed on a standard policy and you do not qualify for classic car insurance?

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There are insurance companies that cover Classic cars, and usually runs about $80.00 per $5000.00 of coverage. I have a 49 Chevy pickup I am fixing up and have it presently covered for 5000.00, but can increase coverage as the restoration progresses. I have my coverage thru Hagerty, but there are many companies out there.

Look at companies that offer classic car insurance quotes. They will allow you to personalize your policy, hence insuring your car according to its actual value, the work you put into maintaining it, or even sentimental value. I have my antique and classic cars insured with The Hartford and have been really happy with them so far.
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Can old car get cheaper insurance because it is a classic car or something?

Classic cars (cars over 25 years old) can benefit from specialized insurance coverage because of the assumed limited usage and the more mature typical owner. These cheaper policies have stipulations you must conform to, such as a mileage cap per year or a requirement of another primary vehicle.

Classic car insurance?

Hagerty is the first one that comes to mind. However, your local, current agent such as State farm, has a stated value option. You can pre-state a value, pay the premium, and it will be covered for the agreed upon amount.

If you owe 2500 more than your car is worth and you trade it in for a car that is worth 2500 less than the new car what would you owe?

If you are trading in a vehicle in which money is still owed, theamount of money outstanding will be rolled over onto the new loanfor the new car you are buying. If you owe $2500 on your currentcar, and are buying a car for $10,000, regardless if it is worthless than your current car, the $2500 note ( Full Answer )

Can you have more than one car insurance policies?

Answer from a General Agent . Yes, There is no problem having more that one insurance policy delineating the same vehicle.. Bare in mind that "Double Indemnity" however is illegal and a Felony offense. so long as one does not attempt to receive multiple claim compensation from the different poli ( Full Answer )

How does classic car insurance work?

You have to be carefull. Some will only give you replacement value. I always go for the "stated value" type. You state the value, they set the premium, then if something happens you get the aggreed upon amount. No hassles.

Insurance for classic cars?

You are getting into touchy ground with this question. Almost any insurance co. will write a policy on a muscle car, however, most cars that old will get you a nice, big, fat check to the sum of around $1000. You will either have to find a company that will allow you an agreed upon value. State Farm ( Full Answer )

How old does your car need to be to qualify for classic car insurance?

The definition of "classic car" is that the car be at least 25 years old. This qualifies the car as a historical vehicle. At that point a classic car insurance agency is your best bet for cost effective coverage. Classic car insurance agencies like Hagerty and Grundy offer insurance policies specifi ( Full Answer )

A classic car with reconstructed title worth anything if restored?

A lot of classic cars have titles similar to that. Salvage, modified, or otherwise. No big deal. Where that would be an issue, would be on a new car. A bank will not loan on a "dirty" title. It will have no effect on a classic. Chuck....

Why are classic cars more value then new cars?

Classic cars are more expensive because they are unique in their asthetics, their craftsmanship, as well as their driving characterstics. Such factors cannot be replicated in a modern car. Classic cars are also rarer, given the fact that many were limited production models as well as most being scr ( Full Answer )

Does your car qualify as classic car?

if the car is pre 1968 then it is a classic you would get free road tax but all cars after 25 years qualify on classic car insurance for stupid poeople a car wich is made befour 1968 is a old car thay call them classics half wit

Would kit car insurance be useful for a classic mustang?

"Any car that is put on the road in the United States requires at least basic coverage. A mustang being a kit car is eligible for kit car insurance, and for a car such as a mustang it might be worth getting."

What happens if a person has liability insurance and totals another car worth more than their policy can cover?

The Insurance co will pay the policy limit. You can sue the driver for the rest, obtain a judgment and enforce in order to collect all your damages. Word of advise here, the Insurance co will ask you to sign a release of all claims, meaning that once you receive the check you can not sue the driver ( Full Answer )

What is insurance cost for classic car?

That would depend on at least three things. (1) What is the market value of the car, (2) How secure is the place where the car is kept (3) Do you drive it on the roads. Market value would have to be estimated since one doesn't know what anything will fetch until it is actually sold. Security matter ( Full Answer )

How is classic car insurance classic?

Classic car insurance differs from traditional car insurance in that traditional auto insurance is based on a vehicle's depreciating value. Classic cars tend to increase in value over time and classic car insurance takes this factor into account. Classic car insurance provides coverage amounts bas ( Full Answer )

Which insurance companies will cover a classic car?

Geico, AMIG, 21st Century, The Hartford and Hagerty are some of the insurance companies that will insure classic cars. Classic car insurance is handled differently than regular car insurance, so one needs to make sure they fully understand the coverage and limitations before purchasing.

Where can one get auto insurance for classic cars?

If you own a collectable car you will need auto insurance to make sure you are fully covered. A good place to get auto insurance is through Geico or American Collectors Insurance.

How do you find classic car insurance online?

Most car insurance companies will offer Classic Car Insurance. For a company that specifically offers this type of insurance one could try Heacock Classic Insurance which offers coverage for both antique and classic cars.

Where can one learn more about convertible classic cars?

One can learn much about classic cars from various places. A good place to begin learning would be his or hers local classic car dealer. Another good source of information would be the HowStuffWorks website.

Where can one buy classic car insurance in the UK?

One can purchase insurance for a classic car in the United Kingdom at a variety of locations, either through online insurance companies or through in-person insurance offices. Examples of companies include Progressive, GEICO, and State Farm.

What are the rules for classic cars insurance?

One rule is to ask yourself if there are certain situations you would need to be available that you plan on insuring your classic vehicle with. The situations that you would want to take into consideration can be Googled. When you are shopping for insurance it is also important to find an insurance ( Full Answer )

Which companies will provide a classic car insurance?

Companies that provide classic car insurance are Hagerty and Classic Ins. There are also a lot places that will search for companies that provide insurance including Car Insurance Companies, Best Car Coverage and Find My Best Agent.

Which companies offer classic car insurance?

Most car insurance companies have a type of insurance for classic cars such as Progressive, Geico, SafeCo Insurance, and State Farm. American Collectors Insurance provides insurance for car collectors and cover everything from accidental breakage to earthquakes.

Is it more expensive to replace auto glass in a classic car?

No. It is about the same to replace the glass in a classic car as it is to replace it in a modern car. The difference lies in that the windshields/mirrors could be of different shapes and sizes, and that would effect the cost.

What is the average cost of classic car owner insurance?

The cost of insurance for a classic car is highly dependent on the value and rarity of the vehicle. On average classic car insurance costs around four hundred dollars. These policies do have added constraints; cars often cannot be driven regularly to and from work and must be kept in secure storag ( Full Answer )

Are today's cars more expensive or more cheap than classic cars?

It depends on the make. If it was an old classic Cadillac or something then it would be more expensive than some cars now but if it was something like an Audi R8 then would be about the same value as that however if you had a non-popular car then it would not be that priceless