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If you miss a whole week of Birth Control you have 2 choices. 1) To take the pill as soon as you remember (one pill a day) 2) Use condoms during sex and wait till your period is due and when your period arrives, start taking the pill again on day one of your period. If you go with option one you may be a week late for your period because you missed a week or you may be a week early. So dont be alarmed if this happens. But if you go with option two you put yourself at risk of pregnancy.

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I was about to post the same question. I'm a Sunday starter, so I should be getting it Wednesday, but instead I got it yesterday (Saturday), but I had missed Thursday and Friday. Is that the reason for the early period, and if so, does that mean I wont get it this coming Wednesday when I am supposed to get it?

Ash Wednesday is the first day of lent - a period of 40 days before Easter (not including Sundays). Easter is always on a Sunday, and therefore Ash Wednesday is always on a Wednesday. In 2009 Ash Wednesday is on Wednesday 25th February.

During times when leap years are every 4th year (most of the time), each four-year period has 1461 days. When you divide that by 7 days/week, you get 208 weeks with a remainder of 5 days. Friday is 5 days after Sunday, Wednesday is 5 days after Friday, etc.

(first time takin bc pills)what if your period stats on the Friday and it is your first time,shoud you wait for the Sunday to start?

Lent is the 40 day period that leads up to the Christian celebration of Easter. During Lent Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Psalm Sunday are all considered important days.

Lent is a period of time, not a day. It is fourty days celebrated before Easter, from Ash Wednesday through to the Easter Tridium; Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The next Sunday. __________________________ With Sunday start, you're supposed to start on the Sunday of getting your period, or the following Sunday. For example: You start your period on Sunday : START YOUR BC. You start your period Wednesday... WAIT TIL SUNDAY TO START. **make sure to read the inserts that come with your birth control, or go to the manufacturers website, the information is there for a reason!

Within any 4 year period, there is always a leap year. That causes a day to be skipped. So after 4 years, a date will be on a day 5 days after the one it was on 4 years before that. Wednesday is 5 days after Friday, so if a date is on a Friday, 4 years later it will be on a Wednesday.

Trichomoniasis will not cause a missed period.

The period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, especially regarded as a time for leisure.

i have a ittle bundle of joy showing that it is very possible. i got pregnant within the first 3 day after my period.

It is the way calendars work. Friday is 5 days after Sunday, but there will be at least one leap year in that period, which means one day will be skipped, so it only takes 4 years to reach Friday. That same pattern continues, in that although Wednesday is 5 days later, it will come round in 4 years due to a leap year. Yet again, Monday is 5 years after Wednesday, but the leap year will make it only take 4 years to come round. There are many patterns like that in calendar dates.

I would start on that Sunday. I took the pill for years and started the new pack 2-3 days after my period started. It is just important that you start to take them again otherwise they don't work.

Bleeding after a missed period could mean a miscarriage

If you missed your period then you are prego

Curfew hours means the period between the hours of 11:00 p.m. on any Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and 6:00 a.m. of the following day, between the hours of 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and 6:00 a.m. on any Saturday or Sunday, or between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

im thirteen and i dont have my period and i havnt missed it

No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

Gonorrhea will not cause a missed period. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

hi. My sugar pills start on a Wednesday and I usually get my period that Friday. Then it continues until Tuesday the next week.

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

If you have regular periods having sex just before them is unlikely to get you pregnant likewise having sex during your periods under normal circumstances also wont make you pregnant.

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