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If your injury happened "on the job" and was the result of you performing ordinary activities on the job, you are covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance that your employer is required to provide. Contact the Dept. of Labor for the state where you live, and the division for Workman's Comp.. If still no action hire an attorney. You will fare better if you hire an attorney that specializes in Workman's Comp. cases. The attorney will collect his fee from a percentage of the overall settelment he gets for you.

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Q: What do you do if your employer won't pay your injury bill?
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What do you do if your x employer wont pay you?

sue them

Does an employer have to pay an employee for time off of work due to injury at work in California?

to the best of my knowledge

Does an employer have to pay an employee who missed four days due to a work related injury?

An employer has to pay for all hours worked. Other than that, it needs to follow its own policies about paid time off. Workers comp laws do not require the EMPLOYER to pay - they require INSURANCE to pay lost time benefits.

If you are on light duty from a work related injury can your employer pay you less?

Depends on how long the light duty will continue.

Is the employer liable to pay workmans comp to employees who worked under the table?

Yes - even in the absence of a workers comp policy, the employer is responsible for a work related injury

Does your employer have to pay you overtime?

Does my employer have to pay me overtime?

Does a main employer have to pay earned sick leave if an employee is injured and receiving Workers Compensation on another job?

The employer is not required by law to pay out sick pay while an employee is collecting workman's comp. It depends on the employer though. In some cases an employer may pay earned sick pay to an employee collecting workman's comp. pay as a good will gesture, especailly to an employee who has had a very serious injury and has been a long term employee who has had few or no injuries.

Can an employer force you to pay for a business phone bill?

no he cant unless he wants to remeburse u

Does your California full time employer have to pay your wages while you are off for an on the job injury?

you must file a workers comp. claim

What do I do if my employer will not pay me?

If the employer will not pay for hours worked, contact your STATE employment commission. If the employer will not pay for vacation or sick leave, you have no appeal.

Does employer have to pay vacation in Texas?

does employer ave to pay vacation in texas

What if your employer doesn't pay on time?

What legal actions can i take if my employer doesnt pay me?

Can your employer ask you to work temporarily without pay?

The employer can ask, however, it's your decision to accommodate or not. An employer cannot force you to work without pay. The question is, can you trust the employer, and can you survive without pay.

Do you have to pay taxes on a discrimination settlement with your employer?

Do I have to pay taxes on a discrimination settlement from a former employer

How long does an employer have to pay you after being fired in Georgia?

If the employer has been fired, presumably he or she does not have to pay you at all, as he or she is no longer your employer. The employer who replaces the fired one is responsible for paying you.

If an employer terminates you after you give a 2 week notice does he have to pay you for the 2 weeks in California?

Of course! Pull out a five dollar bill and see whose picture is on it! Lincoln eliminated slavery. If the employer doesn't pay--call the state employment people.

Can employer claim sick pay paid from a personal injury claim?

In general an employee has no right under employment law to be paid while on sick leave. Consequently, it is at the discretion of the employer to decide his/her own policy on sick pay and sick leave, subject to the employee's contract or terms of employment.

Can an employer pay less than 48.5 cents per mile?

An employer is not required to pay anything.

Can your employer pay for my medicare premium?

can my employer pay my medicare premium instead of taking it out of social security

What if you are positive on drug screen when injured on the job?

It will more than likely affect your claim. It will likely be concluded that you at least contributed to your own injury, and therefore the employer will not be as obligated to pay for your injury as it would if you were not under the influence of controlled substances.

Can an employer refuse to pay you earned vacation if you quit?

Vacation pay is whatever the employer policy says it is, but employer must follow its published policy.

If you don't pay an old credit card bill can your employer garnish your pay check before you receive it?

If he has received an order to garnish your pay, which always happens before you receive it, he must do so by law.

Does an employer have to pay an employee for time off of work due to injury at work in Iowa?

Work injuries are evaluated under the Worker's Compensation system. If the injuries are proven, the employer pays a percentage of disability. Therefore, it is not the usual wage, but is a percentage.

Does your employer pay for rehab?

They will, then they will make you pay them back.

Does your employer have to pay you for travel time if they pay mileage?