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my question is related to German visa on old passport.


When you get a new passport keep the old passport with the current US Visa with your new passport as the visa is still valid even though the old passport has been cancelled. Then whenever you travel to the US just show both passports to the authorities on arrival in the US.

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Q: What do you do if your foreign passport expires but the US visa is still valid?
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Is a passport valid id for a bar on the day it expires?

It should be valid.

Can a UK citizen enter the US if their passport expires in less than six months?

Yes. As long as the passport is still valid.

How long after expiring is a south African passport valid?

It stops being valid the day it expires

What if your passport expired and your visa still valid and you overstaynow im goin to renew your passportis your visa still valid?

In most countries, especially the USA, even if the passport expires, no problem. You can renew the passport or get a fresh one. The visa must be valid and should not be canceled or mutilated or damaged. Only one passport must be valid. The valid passport and the passport containing the visa - both - should be issued by the same country. Most countries have the same rule as above.

Can you enter the US if visa is valid but passport is about to expire?

Yes. You still can because techinically your passport is still valid until it expires. However, you would want to renew it as soon as possible. There are countries that want a validity of at least 3 or 6 months in the passport to be able to use it.

When can a Turkish passport holder go to turkey before validity expires on passport?

You can enter your country of citizenship as long as the passport is valid- even if it has 1 day validity remaining. However, as soon as a passport expires, you cannot board the aircraft using that passport.

How long does passport have to be valid to travel to morocco?

as long is the passport is valid u ccan go anywhere, i am not sure what will happen if it expires while u are out of country though

How long does your passport have to be valid for to travel to the UK?

According to the State Department website and the airlines (USAirways) your passport just needs to be valid for your travel dates. As long as you are back before your passport expires, you are OK.

If you have a passport number from United Kingdom how do you know that it is valid?

there should be a date that says what day it expires

If your passport has expired can you still travel on it?

No, you can only use a valid passport for foreign travel. Some countries require a certain length of time to be left on your passport, for example 6 months, for you to enter

What immigration papers are needed for a foreign citizen to enter US?

A valid passport, and a valid visa.

How long does your passport have to be valid for to travel to Italy?

At least six months remaining before the passport expires. If you have a UK passport and want to travel to Italy you only need the passport to be valid. YOU DO NOT NEED 3 OR 6 MONTHS REMAINING FROM ANY DATE OUTBOUND OR INBOUND.

If a drivers license expires on March 30 2009 is it still valid that day?

Yes, it expires at midight of that date.

What if your passport expires while you are in Mexico?

Most countries would not let you enter unless the passport remains valid for the length stay. For Mexico, this usually means you can travel up until 6 months before your passport expires; otherwise most airlines will not allow you to board the plane.

Can you still use your valid passport if you have applied to get a new passport?

Usually when you renew your passport, you send the old one. So if you would like to use the remaining validity of the passport its either you wait it out and send in around 2 or 4 weeks before it expires or you apply for a second passport for special circumstances for US citizens that are frequent flyers.

my passport expires 08/2009 i am traveling abroad 02/2009 is my passport considered expired how quickly can i obtain a new one and what is the quickest way to go thank you ?

Your passport expires on the date of expiration and is valid until then. To get a new passport simply apply for a new one. There is an expedited services offered which take about 48 hours start to finish.

Can a US citizen re-enter the US from Mexico if his passport expires in less than 6 months?

As long as the passport is valid he or she can enter the US from whatever country they are returning from. Yes.

Passport expires while I'm traveling?

Usually countries won't let you in if your passport is valid for less time than your legal stay in that country. i.e: You are going to Poland, where they will give you a 3-month visa at entry. If your passport is only valid for two months they won't let you in (and possibly send you back to where you came from)

Your child's passport expires 20th Jan you travel 28th dec what happens?

Some countries require that you have a passport valid for six months in order to be allowed in. I would recommend you renew the passport before you travel, but if you don't have time for that, check the requirements for the country you are visiting.

can i travel to the US in february 2010 with a canadian passport which expires in april 2010?

You need to be holding a valid passport it seems, however this site should get you policies regarding that passport and perhaps there is a fee for expediting.

How long does your passport have to be valid for travel to America?

how long does your passport have to be valid to travel to america

Is a Federal Republic of Yugoslavia passport still valid?

Yes, until the end of 2009

Is a passport still valid if there is an erasure?

i dont know also, i have the same question please answer

Is valid US visa in an expired passport still valid driving to us?

Yes, the visa is still valid, but you will have to bring both passports (new & the expired one) every time you use visa.

Do canadians need a passport to fly within the states like say buffalo to Florida?

You'll need a valid ID document in order to pass through airport security. Some times, as a foreign visitor your only "valid" ID will be a passport.