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What do you do if your hamster has gone from bitey to calm and barely moving?

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It's best to buy a small book from your local pet store on hamsters to learn more about their habits. Hamsters actually hibernate during the year and on more than one occasion (sleep a lot) but I'm not sure when that time is. If you think your hamster is ill the vet would be happy to look at your pet and give you their opinion. well thank you for the input my boyfriend guessed it may have been age and surely enough she died yesterday so apparently some hamsters get cuddly before they die unlike the some who get edgy RIP LUCKY RAIN whom i rescued when she was dropped from the 3rd floor may you never fall again

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How do you make your scared Syrian hamster calm down?

no lould noise, will calm the hamster down and not as much movement . It will be better if you spend time with it every day.

Show a pic of how to hold my hamster?

you first cup your hands while you are holding the hamster so it wont jump out. but if your hamster is calm you don't have to cup it

What are good calm hamster names?

This will be fun: Nibbles Hercules Butterball Sweetpie RoRo I dont know a lot of calm names

What is a fancy black bear hamster?

a fancy black bear hamster is a calm hamster that great as petz. i have one and he adorable! they a black and and have short cut hair. they are great to have as pets

How do you get a hamster to not bite you?

be nice to the animal and dont make him mad because he/she will be calm.

Should you get a dwarf Russian hamster or a roborovski?

You should get a dwarf russian hamster. I have one and I love it. My hamster is so friendly. It doesnt bite but when it is scared it might nibble on your finger. My hamster is so so calm and it is family friendly.

If your dwarf hamster got tangled up in his wheel what can you do until you can take him to the vet?

Try to keep him calm and stop any bleeding that he may have. Talk to your hamster with soft, soothing voices to keep it calm. Don't put ice on it. It will just shock the hamster even more and will be under lots of stress.

What to do when your hamster is stressed?

You put your finger in the cage and wait for it to calm down! Honest, it works! :)

What is the best type of hamster to get?

a teddy bear hamster because they are calm and really friendly! but chinese dwarf hamsters are really sweet and cute too!

What is more calm a boy hamster or a girl?

don't know which one is calmer but the are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your hamster is fast how do you pick him or her up?

well when your hamster is calm grab him from the back like mama tiger pick their cubs up p.s: he might poo or pee

Do i need to take care of a hamster?

Yes, it is very carfl to take a care of a hamster it my need food water and more po keep calm and love hamsters!

Why do you see your reflection in a calm lake but not in a sea?

we can see our reflection in calm lake because the water is not moving and in sea the water is moving very fastly

How do you know if your hamster like you?

you know when your hamster likes you when she/he does not bite or run away from you when you approach her/him with your hand and will take food out your hand and seems calm wen you hold her/him hope this helped :)

What is the topography of London?

London is well flat it has over 607 square miles or road and city there is barely no hills at all and there are only small hills on the outskirts of London it has many tall building and the river tames is very slow moving and calm.

How do you get your hamster to peacefully lay in your hand?

Be nice to the hamster, give it treats, and try to coax it to your hand, so kind of training it. Also, if you get your hamster out while it's sleeping, put it close to you and carefully massage it's head softly. That is what I do with my hamster, to have her keep calm. And, if you get it out when it is very active, the hamster doesn't like it, so only hold them for about 1 minute when they are active.

What does it mean when a hamster makes a crying sound?

If a hamster makes a crying sound, it is TERRIFIED. Let it back in it's cage to calm down, or let it run on the floor, but make sure it is undisturbed.

Your female dwarf hamster has a very bad temper She tends to bite and go after people a lot What can you do to perhaps calm her down a little bit?

a 50lb club hammer should calm her down!

What noises does a winter white hamster make?

Hamsters make a clicking noise, also called bruxing, when they rub their upper and lower front teeth together. This is a ritual that usually happens when the hamster is feeling calm and content.

What to do when mother hamster eat their babies?

You should react quickly and take the babies out of the cage, also let the mother calm down.

Which gender of hamster is best to have as a pet?

In my opinion I think boys are better, they're chubbier and fluffier and are overall more calm than girls.

What type of hamster should you get at petco?

You probably want to get a male hamster cause they're nicer. But make your decision carefully because the male hamsters could be energetic. If u want a calm hamster try holding one that is sleeping no matter what tries to wake it up or if it's just sitting and staring

How can you get a robo dwarf hamster to be so calm that you can hold him freely?

You just need to train him. Robos are very wild so it may take a while to get him tame. My robos had babies and I trained the babies from birth so they were a little more calm.

When should you try to start to tame your roborovski hamster?

you cant tame it or make it calm down because there already nice when there born and you cant make them calm down they have like extreme adhd p.s. they like dried sliced bananas

How can you find a lost hamster?

you calm down first then you callled it's name if it know it's name if that doesn't work try this U get a big plastic box and put lot of books in the like stairs then put your hamster favourite food in it.......u might want to put a lot of thoe if u don't know where your hamster went. Then u wait until your hamster goes up the stairs u made and your hamster willl fall in it and there that's how u find a lost hamster Hope This helps

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