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Hey Albert==It is probably in the lock cylinder. You may have to replace it. Get a manual on your car to find out the procedure. Goodluck Joe

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Q: What do you do if your ignition switch is stuck on the start position?
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Why does your car want to start as soon as battery is connected without key in ignition?

Stuck ignition switch.

How do you fix a ignition switch stuck in the running position in a 1994 Chevy silverado?

Change the ignition. Take a pare of pliers, turn it back, then change the ignition.

How do you hot wire a 1988 Chevy Celebrity The ignition key is stuck in the accessory position and I need to start it and get it to the garage for a new ignition switch?

With the key stuck in the accessory position the steering wheel is locked and the gearshift is locked in the park position. Perhaps you should consider having a locksmith change the key cylinder where it is, or else have it towed to the garage.

Why escalade ignition switch does not turn?

The tumblers in the key cylinder have most likely become stuck in the wrong position and you will have to replace the ignition key cylinder.

How do you remove ignition key stuck in Chevy colbalt?

how to remove key stuck in ignition switch in Chevy colbalt

How do you remove a key that is stuck from the ignition of a 1996 Dodge Caravan Steering wheel is not locked and cannot start the vehicle?

You can't, you have to replace the ignition switch

What could be the reason for the key getting stuck in the 'on' position of the ignition in a 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

the tumblers in your key switch are failing replace them before long

Key stuck in ignition car will not start?

If it's an automatic, make sure it's in Park or Neutral, then try to start it. The key should only be able to come out in Park. Try replacing the ignition switch.

What should you do to fix your 1994 F-150 when the starter spins whenever the battery is connected even with the ignition in the off position?

Try replacing the ignition solenoid. It sounds like yours may be stuck in the start position.

What do you do if the key is stuck in your Acura Vigor switch?

Replace your ignition lock assembly.

What do you do if your ignition switch is stuck in the on position?

get a screw driver, shove it in, and turn it off. After, Go to a mechanic and get it fixed fast because it can result in a car fire if tinkered with to much.

1997 bravada stuck in park and won't start also no gage lights when key is turned?

bad ignition switch - inside steering column

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