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It sounds like the tumblers might be "frozen" or stuck. Try spraying WD-40 into the lock before inserting the key. Use the plastic straw that comes with the can, insert one end into the nozzle hole and the other end inside the lock. Don't be stingy. Let set a minute or two and then retry the key.

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Q: What do you do if your key goes into the trunk lock but will not turn?
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How do you lock the trunk?

turn the key

How do you replace the lock on the trunk?

how do i replace a trunk lock with another lock that has a key

How do I open the trunk of My 2007 Colbalt when the battery is dead problem And I can't get My car key out of My Ignition to open it?

Put your key in the trunk lock and turn.

Key will not open trunk lock but remore will.?

If the key doesn't turn at all, make sure you have the right trunk key, i.e. one that worked before. Many times the ignition and trunk key are different. If it is the right key then the cylinder may be frozen. The remote opens the latch a different way. Try spraying some liguid wrench into the key hole and keep trying to turn it. if the works spray silicone spray or lock lubricant to oil the lock afterwards. If the cylinder does turn and doesn't release the door, look inside to see if the inside lock mechanism is broken.

How do you open the trunk of a 1991 Volvo sedan?

unlock the doors and then push the button on the trunk. If the trunk lock key slot is horizontal you will need to use the key to turn it vertical. Then it will function with the central locking system

How do you get the trunk to open on E320 Mercedes when the battery is dead?

Put your Key in the lock and turn it counterclockwise,,,, Push the button and voila.... the trunk lid opens.....

How do you open the truck to a 2003 xk8 with a dead battery?

put the ignition key in the little hole in the xk8 emblem on the trunk lid and turn it. works like a regular key lock trunk

1989 jaguar xj6 the key to the lock wont work It enters but cannot turn either way If you put in a third of the key you can turn it but that rolls up the window Can I fix this Is there a lock button?

Try turning the key to the left a couple of times on the passager side door until you hear the lock release on the trunk you should be able to use the switch in the back there by opening the trunk

How can I open the trunk to Mercedes-Benz 400E?

Insert the key, turn it all the way to the left, push the lock in and open the lid. Do the opposite to lock it.

How do get in trunk if battery dead on 2000 jaguar?

Does it not have a key lock on the trunk lid.

How do you open trunk of a 1979 Mercedes?

With the lock in the vertical position, insert the key, then turn it to the right, when you can not turn it further you push inward and it should pop open. If this does not work then you have a problem with the lock itself.

How do you unlock trunk in a 2003 type s jaguar if battery is dead?

Use your key to turn the lock on the rear of the vehicle.

How do you disarm the alarm on 1988 560 sl?

use the trunk key and turn it one way or the other in the trunk lock and hold it for a few seconds. This should disarm it.

How can you get into your trunk of your 1993 Lexus ls 400 without remote or the master key the car is not locked but the trunk lever will not open?

I came across this problem. There is a lock below the steering wheel that will cause the trunk lever to disengage when it is pushed in. Use the master key to turn the lock (located below the steering wheel). It must be the master key. Without the master key you will need to remove the lock (located below the steering wheel). Good luck.

What do you do if you lock your keys in the trunk of a Cadillac DeVille?

Won't the valet key open the trunk

Where is the trunk release on a 1994 Ford Taurus?

use the key. put it in the lock. turn. congrats. you opened the trunk. If your trunk lock doesn't work which is common, the release is at the left side of the driver's seat on the floor right next to the gas door release. My trunk lock is hopelessly dead so I can only use the inside release

The trunk of your 92 Volvo 940 GL will not open with your master key?

Are you sure it is the Master? Try the key in the glove box lock. The power door locks should unlock the trunk for you turn the key if it is right over to the right turn it right over to the left . you turn the key to far right to stop the boot been opened when the doors are not closed.

How can you open a trunk without a key?

pick the lock or use a skeleton key

When you turn the key to the start position it only goes to the on position?

Ignition switch lock cylinder

How do you turn capslock off?

To turn caps lock on, you press the caps lock key on your keyboard. To turn it off, you press the caps lock key again.You can also use the windows key and the S key pressed simultaneously on certain keyboards to turn caps lock off and on.

I have an '89 cabriolet how do you get the trunk open?

Insert your door key into the keyhole on the trunk. Turn left 90 degrees, and either push in the key, or remove the key and use your finger to press the keyhole button. The trunk lid will pop open. Remember to lock the trunk by inserting the key and turning 90 degrees to the right so the key hole opening orientation is vertical.

How do you get the trunk open on 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme LS with factory installed security device and key will not turn lock?

Open the glove box, and there should be a button to pop your trunk

How does a key lock work?

A key lock works by putting a key in and when you turn the key it pushes a loose round piece which releases the lock.

How do you open a jaguar xf trunk with a dead battery?

Remove the plastic cover from the emergency trunk lock (to the left of the release button) and then use the Key blade from the remote key fob by holding the button on the side and pulling it out.. Then use this key in the mechanical lock to open the trunk.

1991 deville auto trunk wont close latch goes up and down but will not grab trunk?

put your key in the ignition turn it on , have someone push the trunk button while pulling up on the trunk catch