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well try talking to her about it doesn't work cause my mom never understands anything and always shoots down what im trying to say or do so the anwser is be super mean and nasty to her and not eat the dinner she makes

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Why are mom so unfair?

What you may think is unfair is usually good for you. It is not the job of a Mom to be fair it is her job to teach you right from wrong and the protect you from danger. You Mom is only doing what she thinks is right.

What problem does turtle have from the westing game?

her mom is unfair and very rude to her

How do you deal with unfair sisters?

All you have to do is deal with them. If not tell your mom about it or your dad.

Why are some teachers unfair?

... because they are normal people too. Often though, kids think the teachers are unfair but it really the kids that are being unfair!

Conscription fair or unfair?

Unfair this is due to people not being able to have their own opinion on how to run their life.

How can you tell if you are being unfair?

You make someone cry!

Why did Texas join the confederacy?

they felt the union was being unfair

Why was England being unfair to the colonies?

Cuz they're terds.

What is The word for being angry at something wrong or unfair?


Why did the Indians need independence?

They were being mistreated by unfair governing

What did the passengers take onto the Mayflower?

The king was being unfair to them

What is the meaning of brutalize?

Brutalize means being cruel and unfair.

What should you do if a friend is being unfair?

You should tell her that you think she is being unfair and state your reasons. If you think that she isn't listening and her argument is not justified then you should find some new friends.

What does scout accuse her uncle of being unfair for?

Scout accuses her Uncle Jack of being unfair because after she gets into a fight with her cousin, Francis, Jack only bothers to hear his side of the story; Not Scout's. She believes that it is unfair for him to have made a judgment after only hearing half the story.

How do you get banned on CP?

by saying bad words and being unfair and swearing

When did Fairbanks have a sales tax?

When the banks felt like being unfair

How did patriots feels about the sons of liberty?

They felt like they were being unfair

Why did colonist feel Britain was being unfair?

The colonists thought Britain was being unfair because Britain was taxing items where the colonists lived (the New World) without asking the colonists for their opinion or vote.

Why did the colonists resist the Sugar Act?

They felt it was unfair that they were being taxed without being represented in Parliament.

What should you do if your manager is being unfair?

There are a number of things that you should do if your manager is being unfair. You should start by talking to them about the issue and if it does not bear any fruits, you should report to a higher office as long as you have valid claims.

What was the problem that caused the battle of the Alamo?

santa Anna was being unfair to the Texans.

Safety belts are being designed to?

question is unfair. the right answer is with pretension

Why are taxes unfair?

Taxes are fair. They are only unfair if: the people who are being taxed have no say, or they are discriminating. i.e. poll taxes.Taxes fund almost everything our government does.

What is your mom good for?

A mom is good for making your discussion and getting you out of trouble and being there for you

What is the name of the fear of being like your mom?

horeophobia (the fear of hores (or your mom))

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