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This can be caused by nerves or possibly a filling in a tooth. Some fillings can be very sensitive to head/cold and the nerves run from the gums right up to the nasal nerves. If you notice when you have a sinus problem it appears your gums ache, around your nose and under your eyes as well.

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Do cheetahs sneeze?

yes when something gets into there nose or if they are cold

What cause you to feel like you cannot breathe from your nose?

Maybe a cold. Because sometimes even if I am warm I still get a cold and my nose gets stuffed up.

Why do you loose the sense of smell when yo have a cold?

because your nose gets blocked

How can you burp?

Plug you nose and drink something with gas and let it go

How you burp?

you hold your nose and drink something with gas inside it and let it out!

Do dogs get runny noses?

Yes, when their nose is dry it will run because they have a cold put water on their nose when it gets dry.

Is impossible to drink through your nose?

No, it is not impossible. Some people, if they have the skills, can drink with their nose. :D(I can drink with my nose):D

What part of the body system is compromised first from common cold?

Your nose gets stuffed first

If a dog has a running nose is it something to be worried about?

No it is just a case of the common cold

What is wrong if the dogs nose is hot then you put it outside and it gets cold again?

A dog's nose should be cold. It can temporarily feel warm if kept in a hot dry house / apartment. The nose and ears can stay hot when the dog is sick.

Can you get a cold sore on your nose?

You can get a cold sore on your nose.

Can you get impetigo in the nose?

Yes! In fact, thats the only place i ever get my impetigo. Whenever i get a cold and my nose gets irritated from the snot and tissues, it appears.

Can you catch a cold?

Actually it kind of catches you. The rhinovirus gets into your body through your nose or can never catch a coldness, cold is abstract you can only feel cold.

How do you prevent running nose when working in cold water?

Your nose runs in the cold because water is a byproduct of the cold air being warmed, the excess run=s down your throat and out your nose, about the only way to stop it ( as long as it isnt caused by allergies or a cold ) is to warm the air before it reached your nose by wearing a scarf or something to cover it. For water, nose plugs might help.

Why do kittens sneeze?

Kittens sneeze if they have a cold or something is tickling their nose.hope i helped

What makes a dog's nose wet?

When they pant they get a wet nose, when they have a drink or lick their nose it gets wet. There is the old myth that if a dog's nose is dry it is sick I have one thing to say about this, FALSE! If a dog's nose is dry they are healthy don't worry if it is dry.

Why do you cough and sneeze when you have a cold?

Your nose senses something that doesn't belong and wants to rid the body of it.

What does it mean when mustard colored mucus comes out of your nose?

You possibly have a cold.. It could suggest something else but a cold comes to mind first

How do you know if your allergic to something?

you sneeze, you have trouble breathing, and your eyes get puffy( swollen)and your nose gets stuffy

Can a cold make you lose your appetite?

yes, because your nose gets stuffy and it'll be hard to breathe and to taste food.

How do you get rid of nosebleeds?

Pinch the nose, tilt the head forward and put something cold on the back of the neck.

How can you treat a stuffed up nose?

Blow it often and take something for it. Some type of cold medicine.

Why are my hands and nose cold?

It could be a sign of a cold or something similar to that. Or it could just be that you have some cold temperature or the A/C on. because we don't have someone to warm them up for us :(

Why should you blow your nose when you have a cold?

You should blow your nose when you have a cold because it can stop you from breathing and it can make your nose run

What is the duration of The Spy with a Cold Nose?

The duration of The Spy with a Cold Nose is 1.55 hours.

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