What do you do if your partner always refuses your advances?


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It's time to sit down and talk! None of us can answer for your partner. It's best to get the goods from the horse's mouth. This person could be depressed, have a lot on their mind, or they may like to make the first move. You are only going to find out if you ask. Good luck Marcy Above all else, you stop. It may be difficult, but respect your partner's decision. You used the term "always", there may be more issues deep down. Try to communicate, neither one of you can stay in this situation forever. Best wishes!


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ANSWER:Just tell him or her, and at the same time explain what's going on when your partner is not around. And maybe he can do something about it.

you shouldn't. i did once and he always refuses to go out with you =(

Tell him what could happen if he doesn't go and tell him not only you might fail but he might to.

i will believe that my partner is not giving me the full concentration i need from partner/ and nothing she can say she must be lying always in this period.

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Just tell him/her straight up.If he/she refuses to wait,then maybe theyre not worth it.

I think you should always tell your partner how you feel. I think you should always tell your partner how you feel.

Tazer. Yep that always works pretty well.

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You just answered your own question: Your partner has abondoned you, and refuses all contact with you. There is nothing to save. There is a beautiful wonderful life out there and you have to get on with it. You will hurt for a while, however, keep busy, and turn your focus onto something else, other than this relationship. Time will heal your hurt. What relationship?

The decision to have a vasectomy is always yours but you should tell your partner.

yes but its always better for them to have a partner :)

ANSWER: When it comes to our spouse, partner or even boyfriend, it will be hard to predict what they are thinking. The only way you can know if your partner is having relationship from on line site, is when he always stay up very late at night while your asleep. He always change his passwords so you can't open his account. You will noticed that he is always alert about what he was doing on line when you are around. You can add more because you are the only one that knows your partner. But what I told you always do happen.

Boys always want to do sex in new methods.They always want encouragement from their partner.

No there will always be doubt but if you talk to your partner about the doubts then you will feel better and the doubt will not turn into mistrust. You should trust and be trusted.

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Talking to your partner is always the first thing you should do. Find out what is putting the relationship at risk and talk about what should be done to sort things out. If you don't think talking to your partner is an option you can always try seeing a relationship specialist. Never be afraid to talk to your partner regardless of what has happened. It's always best to tell the truth. Hope this helps.

* The percentages are very high that you could be pregnant and if you aren't this time your are playing with fire. It's a foolish move for you to do so because it's not just about getting pregnant, but picking up sexually transmitted diseases. Be smart! Start looking after yourself and see your doctor about different birth control methods and always have your sexual partner wear a condom! If your partner refuses then do not have sex with him!

That I will always be there. Really. Through anything. Loving, happy, arguing, rich, indebt, healthy, puking, paralyzed.... none of it matters I will always be there with my partner in mind, body, and spirit.... Peace.. :)

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