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What do you do if your real cousin loves you?

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let them know you CAN NOT HAVE A RELATIONSHIP with them. It is illegal. If that doesn't work, file harrasment charges. If you love them then it's ok. Since it's your cousin u can have sex with them all you want but don't tell anybody about it

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Is a seconed cousin a real cousin?

A second cousin is a second cousin. That's not the same as a first cousin or a third cousin, but it is a "real" second cousin.

What does Mi primo mi encanta mean?

My cousin loves me It means, "My cousin enchants me," or, "I really like (love) my cousin."

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What If Your Niece Hates You And Loves Your Cousin More?

They think they are all that

What is the possessive noun for Jean's cousin Joe loves the forest near the house?

The possessive noun is Jean's (the cousin of Jean).

What is your cousin's child to you?

your second cousin in real term but mostly just your cousin

How old is Justin Bieber's cousin abby?

Abby, Justin Biebers cousin is 12 yrs of age. She loves her cousin. His other cousin is Nick Dempsey and he is either 15 or 16. -The New York Times

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At the very end of Mockingjay. Peeta asks her if she loves him, and says, "Real or not real?" and she says yes and "Real."

Who is the actor who plays Raymond's cousin Gerard on Everybody Loves Raymond?

Fred Stoller

Is it creepy to like your cousin?

Well it depends if it is your cousin in law or real cousin. Plus in some states it is illegal to be with your first cousin and in some states there is not a law hope i helped.

Is VV brown hair real?

yes her hair is real and im her cousin

Was Madelynn Grohman Adelynn Grohman's cousin?

Her real name was Olivia Wilkinson and yes she was Adelynn's cousin

Is it abnormal that your male first cousin loves you?

It is not necessarily abnormal, but it may be unacceptable to your family and community.

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How can you make a confidence in your cousin sister who did not trust you may be she loves you but do not admit you that she loves you?

Whata whata whata???English plz. Whata whata whata???English plz.