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Probably not a problem, it is a plan after all, but if you are concerned, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

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Q: What do you do if your son ate pool algae?
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Why does your pool smell of algae?

cause of the algae in your pool! c.s.

Can a pool get orange algae?

Yes, a pool can get orange algae.

What a bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is?

A bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is a

Will algae from a pool effect the lawn?

No, pool algae will not effect the lawn.

What do you do if your pool has green algae and black algae spots?

If it is genuine 'black algae' it is very difficult to remove without emptying the pool and gouging the black algae out of the pool surface. Other algae can be removed by shocking the pool, filtering continuously and brushing walls while maintaining a good sanitizer level.

In winter the pool is covered except when the pool people come to service the pool what causes the pool to get algae?

well when you leave your pool covered for the winter, you are unable to put chlorine into it. Chlorine prevents algae so to answer your question, the lack of chlorine causes algae

How do you make a green pool blue?

When a pool turns green, the cause is the build up of algae. To remove the algae, chemicals will need to be bought to restore the PH levels in the pool, killing the algae.

How do you treat black algae in pool?

To treat black algae you will need to add an algaecide to your pool water. These are specifically designed to kill and prevent algae.

Can you swim in a pool with algae in it?


How can one clean algae from a swimming pool?

Algae can be skimmed from the top of the water using a pool skimmer. It can be removed from the sides of the pool using a brush. To prevent algae from growing in the future, a chemical "shock" will be necessary.

How to rid Yellow algae powder in pool?

brush pool

What is a bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is a?

secondary consumer

Salt water pool green?

Algae buildup will cause a salt water pool to turn green. A clogged filter will allow the algae to buildup in the pool.

What does black algae look like in a swimming pool?

When black algae appear in a swimming pool, it can look like a black discoloration or black spots on the sides or the bottom of the pool. This occurs when there is not enough chlorine in the pool, so treatment is necessary to get rid of this algae.

Where does algae come from?

Click on the link to your right for algae info, if the question is about algae in the pool read below: Algae are tiny microscopic plants that enter your pool by rain, wind and fill water. If allowed to grow unchecked, your water will quickly become unusable. One ounce of water can contain millions of algae cells before they are visible. They can clog filters and reduce water circulation and the effectiveness of pool chemicals. The main types of pool algae are: Green Algae: The most common type of algae. It

How do you get rid of algae growing on the side of your pool?

Shock the pool add algaecide and scrub down the sides and bottom of the pool with a stiff pool broom there should be a lot of dead algae on the bottom of the pool the next day. vacuum it to waste if you want to avoid the risk of pushing life algae through the filter and back into the pool.

Are algae helpful?

Not if you have a pool. If you have a pool you will learn to hate the stuff. Certain types of algae may provide health benefits in humans. Algae can also be used as an energy source.

How do you clean a pool full of leaves and algae?

Algae are very slimy and will not get out just by ordinary washing. The slimy coat on top actually protects the algae from reaction to the chemical composition that is used to clean the pool. To make sure the algae does not stick around even after chemical treatment of your pool, scrub the algae to break the slime and expose it to chemical reaction. By doing this, you will expose the algae to react with the chemical treatment when you eventually shock the pool.

Which of the following would best describe the relationship between a primary consumer and a secondary consumer?

Primary consumer would be a cow that ate grass, secondary consumer would be the lion that ate the cow that ate the grass. Primary consumer is the fish that eats algae, secondary consumer is the barracuda that eats the fish that ate the algae. It expands to tertiary consumers as well, which would be the shark that ate the barracuda that ate the fish that ate the algae.

Why is your pool green with no sign of algae?

Trees above reflecting the pool.

Could you get ring worm from algae in your pool?

Ringworm is caused by fungus, not algae.

How do you clean algae off pool walls?

That depends on the type of algae. Restate your question on the specific type of algae you have and include the construction category of the pool ( plaster, vinyl, fiberglass). k

Why are phosphates in a pool bad?

Phosphates are Algae Food. If your swimming pool has a lot of phosphates it's more likely to get algae if it is not correctly sanitized.

Why do you add algae control to the pool skimmer?

Adding algae control to the pool skimmer helps to disperse the chemical and coats the filter media.

What does pool algae look like?

pool algae...YUCK!!!! it's algae basiclly and it grows FAST!!!!!!! Basiclly the picture tells all. The pool became green and don't imagine swimming in it!!! This is echosong101lol speaking to the person who wrote this^^^^^ Pool algae is not that bad you know.Its nature.To be honest, I wouldn't mind swimming in it.(I would just want goggles)!!