What do you do if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers and your attorney will not help?

You should dismiss that attorney and possibly file a complaint with the state board of bar overseers. Seek a refund of any funds that you have paid over for his/her legal fees.

In the United States, one spouse cannot prevent another spouse from obtaining a divorce. The party who wants a divorce must formally notify the other spouse pursuant to state laws. The person serving the divorce papers can be a private process server or sheriff. That service provides the other spouse with the opportunity to object and represent their own interests in the proceeding. The service provides proof for the moving party that the other party was given notice. If the spouse refuses to show up for the scheduled divorce hearing the original filing spouse has the right to proceed and request a divorce.

You should arrange a consultation with another well recommended attorney who specializes in family law and divorce if possible.

There are alternative divorce methods File it in the public notices section of the newspaper in her city or town and if she does not respond to the notice in so much time, it will atomatically default in your favor. You will be awarded the devorce you are seeking due to default.If she doesn't read this section of the paper at all and is not aware of this ,she will probably never see it. Food for thought.