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Try twisting or turning it. If it is frozen because of the cold, get a rag with hot water and hold it over the top of the dipstick. If it is not frozen, then that is not a good indication.

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How do you hot wire 1990 Chevy Silverado pickup?

im stuck and I need help

Why is your Chevy transmission stuck in second gear?

Because it is in "Safe" mode.

Where is vent located on Chevy 350 transmission?

There is a little metal tube stuck in the transmission. TOP SIDE It is hard to see it when it is in a vehicle.

1991 Chevy S-10 is stuck in park?

well if your s-10 is stuck in park there is a good chance the transmission is bad in it.

Why is your 87 Chevy pickup 350motor 350 automatic tranny not really goin into gear and feels like it holding back?

Check your brakes, sounds like they are stuck on. If the brakes are ok the problem is in the transmission. Possibly the convertor or the front pump.

Why is the automatic transmission stuck in drive and the shifter just moves freely on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

It sounds like the transmission shifter linkage is disconnected.

Chevy Cavalier stuck in first gear?

your transmission is stuck in what we call limp mode. Take it to a transmission shop and have an electrical scan done. Does your speedometer work or not ? If not then it could be as simple as a output speed sensor or broken wire

Transmission stuck in gear in a 93 Chevy cavalier?

Is this a manual transmission? If so, this is a pretty common problem for these cars. Probably going to have to replace the shifter cable. About $50 at Advance.

How do you fix a stuck lifter on a 1977 Chevy C10 pickup 350 engine?

Change engine oil and substitute one of the quarts of oil with one quart of automatic transmission fluid. Run engine for 1000 miles. Change engine oil again with all oil.

What is the verb of stick?

Sticking, stuck, stick.

Why is the automatic Toyota stuck in park?

The automatic Toyota may be stuck in park because of transmission problems. The transmission may be jammed or stuck in that gear.

Why would a transmission stick and rpms run high?

My KIA Sephia is doing the same thing. I was told that my valve body was stuck and needed to be cleaned.

Why does my 1980 Chevy gas pedal get stuck?

If the gas pedal is sticking on a 1980 Chevy, it is possible that the cable is wearing out. Check for slack in the cable. There could also be dirt on the pedal itself that is causing it to stick.

Is the sentence you sticked to your decision correct?

No, the past tense of the verb to stick is stuck (stick, sticks, sticking, stuck). The sentence should read:.You stuck to your decision.

What is the past tense of stick?

The past tense of stick is stuck.

What is the past participle for stick?

Stuck is the past participle of stick.

How do you remove ignition key stuck in Chevy colbalt?

how to remove key stuck in ignition switch in Chevy colbalt

How would i fix my 1993 Chevy cavalier z24 standard that is stuck in reverse and the stick shift will only move forward and back?

I have not ever worked on this model,but here's something to try. Disconnect it at the transmission shift linkage on the transmission and see if it will shift by hand. if it will then you will need to look at the cables,rods or the shifter mechanism.Maybe something is worn,bent or broken.

Halo 3 stick?

...... stuck you or stick means a grenage that sticks to something, in this case you. they stuck the grenade on to you and you blew up

What if your 94 maxima is stuck in second gear?

your transmission is out. your transmission is out.

What do you do if your transmission dip stick is stuck and no matter how hard you pull it won't come out?

Are you sure there isn't a clip on the end that hooks over the top of the dipstick tube?

What is the past participle of stick?


What is the past tense of stick out?

stuck out

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"Stick/sticks" is the present tense of "stuck". They stick their forks into the tough meat. He sticks his fork into the tough meat. "Stuck" is the past tense. He stuck his fork into the tough meat.

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In the past a "stick" was part of a plant and this "stick" was "stuck" onto the plant.