What do you do in Germany?

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I just eat bread and cheese and ride my bike smelling cowcrap along the way to the next town. Then I come home to my German Shepherd and play PS3 online. Pretty charming, yet boring life. :)
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How is Germany divided?

Germany is a federal republic divided into 16 different states. The proper name for a German state is " Bundesland " (plural: "Bundesländer"). The cities of Berlin and Hamburg represent two Bundeslandär in their own. The city of Bremen together with its seaport Bremerhaven also form a stat ( Full Answer )

Where is Germany?

Germany is situated in central Europe. To the North is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea. Here is a list of these countries: To the North: Denmark To the West: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (formally, Holland) To the East: Poland, and the Czech Republic. To the South: Austri ( Full Answer )

What is Germany?

Germany is a federal republic in Central Europe, east of France andwest of Poland. It was divided into West Germany and East Germany(Warsaw Pact) during the Cold War (1946-1990), after its post WorldWar II occupation. The German Empire was formed from Prussia and the former GermanicConfederation sta ( Full Answer )

East Germany West Germany?

Since 3 Oct. 1990 there are no east and west Germany anymore. There is only the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

What is there to do in Germany?

what to do in Germany is unending. Munich historical sites. Nurenberg additional historical sites. Garmisch, just south of Munich. many quaint restaurants & hotels. No far from Garmisch is Oberammergau. German center for wood carvings and the passion play every 10 years (check your calender). If a t ( Full Answer )

What is Germany a signatory to?

Like most other countries Germany has signed many international treaties. It is a member of the UN, NATO and the EU.

Music from Germany?

German music is refers to either music by German artist or musicfrom the country. Germany has had many important musicians thatinclude Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Richard Strauss, and Brahms.

What technologies are from Germany?

Electromagnetic theory of light and electromagnetic waves by Heinrich Hertz. Letterpress printing by Johannes Gutenberg. Theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. X rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Combustion engine by Rudolf Diesel. Television by Manfred von Ardenne. Pocket watch by Peter He ( Full Answer )

What is the Ruhr of Germany?

Near the Rhine River and coa l fields of Western Germany is a cluster of Cities , including Essen and Düsseldorf.They form Germany's largest industrial district, the Ruhr District. The Ruhr is a river which runs through the district and gives the district its name.

When was Germany reunited?

3 October 1990 - less than twelve months after the Fall of the Wall. . October 3, 1990

Was Germany in WW2?

WW2 was all about Germany. In Germany during ww2 the nazi party was leading the leader of them was Adolf Hitler Hes got a cool musstach

Why did Germany reunify?

The main political parties in West Germany had been committed to the reunification ever since the division was established in 1949.

Are there yaks in Germany?

if the term is the bovine term, Germany does not have the habitat for the yak. If the term applies the aircraft, the yaks were made in russia.

Why was Germany named Germany?

Germany is named after the Germanic tribes that settled in the area. The Romans referred to these tribes as the Germanic people.

Why do Americans Call Germany Germany?

The word Germania was used by the Romans to describe the region now known as Germany. Because English contains some Latin roots, the name Germany has continued to be used.

What are the cities in Germany?

Augsburg, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bonn, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hannover, Ingolstadt, Jena, Karlsruhe, Kiel and Leipzig are cities in Germany. Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Oberhausen, Paderborn, Potsdam, Regensburg, Stuttgart, Trier, Ulm ( Full Answer )

What does Germany trade?

Germany trades a lot of steel and iron because very little coal is available. Germany also trades a lot of cattle,car parts, and there are still more to name!! Germany trades a lot i mean A LOT of stuff if you want more go to Google and ask.com and they will give you a lot of good ideas!! for more i ( Full Answer )

What are the nationalities of Germany?

This site can explain, here is an excerpt: Multifaceted Population Out of 82.6 million people living in Germany, 7.3 million (8.9 %) are people with citizenship from some 41 countries. Among the whole population there are 15 million people who migrated or are descendents of migrants. Turkish imm ( Full Answer )

Does Germany have folktales?

Of course. All countries have folktales, but the German ones are better known than most thanks to the efforts of the Brothers Grimm, who collected and published them. Hansel and Gretel is an example of a German folktale.

Was Germany colonized?

No, Germany started out as a Baltic state of the Teutonic Knights. It later was called Prussia up until WWI, and from the end of WWI until the present day it has been called Germany.

When was Germany Western Germany?

Germany was split in to East and West at the end of the second world war 1n 1949. What was commonly known as "East Germany" was given the title of the "Deutschen Demokratischen Republik" and "West Germany" was given the title of the "Bundesrepublik Deutchland". When the "Re-unification took pl ( Full Answer )

When was Germany called Western Germany?

When there was an East Germany. East and West were commonly used terms for two separate states during the Cold War, their real titles were Federal Republic of Germany (for the west and Germany as it is now) and German Democratic Republic (for the east). In 1990 Germany was reunified after the fal ( Full Answer )

Why is Germany called Germany?

The Romans called the area that is now Germany, Germania. It is called Germany because English has Latin roots.

Why is the country Germany named Germany?

The name Germany come from the group of tribes that settled in Northern Europe who were collectively known ethically as Germanic due to customs and language. Germans, by the way, refer to their country as "Deutschland".

Is Germany the only name for Germany?

In the English language, yes. Otherwise ... No, other names include Deutschland (German), Allemagne (French), Tyskland (Danish), Njemačka (Hungarian) and Saksamaa (Estonian).

How did Germany get split into the nations of West Germany and East Germany?

After World War 2, Germany was split in half by the occupying forces. You had the Western Allies (USA, UK and France) occupy West Germany while the Soviet Union occupied East Germany. Tensions between the USA and the Soviet Union, West and East, Capitalism and Communism, etc, etc, led to these two o ( Full Answer )

Is France in Germany or near Germany?

France and Germany are two different countries in Europe. France and Germany are near eachother, but both are pretty big countries.

What was Germany before it was Germany?

Prio to unification as the nation of Germany; the German states existed as a hodge podge of autonomous countries loosely unified under the name of the Holy Roman Empire.

Germany was once divided into and Germany?

Germany was divided in the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundes Republik Deutschland) also called West-Germay and the German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) , East-Germany

When did Germany become just Germany?

The proper name of Germany is the Federal Republic of Germany (in German, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland ). The reunification of East and West Germany took place on October 3, 1990.

Does Germany have taxes?

Yes, definitely, Germany does have taxes. Just like in the US you have to pay your annual taxes. The only real difference is that the taxes when you purchase "stuff" is included in the price. I personally find this system of tax paying to be satisfying.

What were the beliefs of Germany?

The same as every country not enslaved by another: I'm better than you, and so is my chocolate. At least they were right on the latter point!

Which seas are in Germany?

There are no seas in Germany but it does border the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Is Seat from Germany?

Seat is from Spain. Their head office is near Barcelona. But since 1986 it belongs to the Volkswagen Group, which is German.

Who Hitler was to Germany?

Hitler was a leader of the National Socialist movement in the 1930s. He became Chancellor of Germany and then the Furher (leader is the translation of that word). So he was the equivilent of a Prime Minister or President of Germany. He eventually was the DICTATOR of the Third Reich and the Nazis. Th ( Full Answer )

Why is Germany named Germany?

Germany is named after the Germanic tribes that settled in the area. The Romans referred to these tribes as the Germanic people..

Is Jamaica in Germany?

Jamaica (pronounced /dʒəˈmeɪkə/) is an island nation of the Greater Antilles, 234 kilometres (145 mi) in length and as much as 80 kilometres (50 mi) in width, amounting to 11,100 square kilometres (4,300 sq mi). It is situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 145 kilometres (90 mi) south ( Full Answer )

What is the cilmate in Germany?

For the most part Germany is cooler than most of the states. It all depends on where you are in Germany though Spangdahlem tends to be dreary with a slight chill however, Bamberg in the winter which is Bavaria is quite cooler. But the last couple of years the summers have been quite warm, making lif ( Full Answer )

Why was Germany discriminated?

Germans were discriminated in America during the times of WWI and WWII because they were the enemy at the time.

Who are the people in Germany?

Most of them are ethnic "Germans" (originally from the Teutonic tribes of a few thousand years ago).

What symbol does Germany have?

Well if you mean the coat of arms then it would be the eagle. Other items often associatet with germany are: oaktree (national tree, stands for strength and endurance) flag (black-red-gold) stein (and Octoberfest) and the Brandenburg Gate (cultural symbol in Berlin) Hanna (german c ( Full Answer )

Does Germany get hurricanes?

It's rare but they do occasionally. One that comes up in awebsearch is December 2013's Hurricane Xaver.

Who has the power in Germany?

The answer is the chancellor. Though the Germans elect a president the true power of Germany is its chancellor.

What is Germany about?

Germany is an awesome country! You might want to vist it one day. I definitely would want to visit Germany. It's has a great culture and really really pretty people!

Is Germany west Germany and east Germany the same?

Yes. Germany more or less finally became a single unified country in1871. In 1945, after Germany lost World War II, it was split intofour parts, each part controlled by military forces from one of thefour major countries that won the war (USA, UK, USSR and France).Berlin, the capital city, was spli ( Full Answer )

Why did Germany annex Germany?

A country cannot of course annex itself. You are possibly referringto the unification of Germany after the fall in 1989 of EastGermany's Communist regime. The reason for that was, that West Germany and East Germany alwayshad been one country before 1945. After Nazi Germany's defeat in1945 the Allies ( Full Answer )