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What do you do in a short-term relationship when he claimed to be in love with you and you asked for some space and 2 weeks later he was married to someone he had only been talking to for 2 weeks?


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You thank God for unanswered prayers! There is a tremendous book about self- worth and relationaships. 'Co-dependent No More' by Melody Beattie. Your local library or book store should have it.


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"Marital" pertains to "marriage", and being married to someone.

You don't - she is married. You need to realize she is in a committed relationship, let her be and move on.

It means that the person in real life is married or that they just don't want any relationship at that time.

yes. i think he married but then he had a relationship and had sex with someone else.

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Click on the person, a context menu will appear then click on relationship status.

You dont its just messed up if its not to be they will find out in time if it is then ur interfering with a relationship.

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only evil acts will get you sent to hell, if no one is hurt by the relationship then no harm no foul.

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Just because you are in a relationship doesnt mean you cant have feelings for someone else. That's normall. Iknow of lots of married people who still thin they are in love with someone else but there spouce. Get used to it!

If the person is married then you already know the answer ... stay away! If you are married you will end up cheating and dating coworkers or even someone in Management is not a good idea. If the relationship doesn't work out you have to face that person five days a week and someone is going to get hurt.

NO YOU DON'T! don't mess up a good relationship for a test that would make you seem less loyal, to the relationship.

If you have someone, the relationship exists at the current time. If you had someone, the relationship used to exist but no longer does. (If you have had someone, the relationship existed for a period or for periods in the past. If you had had someone, the relationship existed for a period or for periods in the past but ended at some point in the past.)

One example of a movie which tells the resolution at the beginning is Memento (2000) in which the story is told--and retold--from the point of view of someone with shortterm memory loss.

There isn't exactly a set appropriate age but if you are in love with someone and you can legally get married then nobody can stop you. I personally wouldn't get married until I was 25 unless I felt confident that my relationship would last.

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Sadly, it depends on whether your spouse will agree to stop the other relationship immediately and work on the relationship with you. If not, or if you believe you cannot forgive the error, then your marriage is over.

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