What do you do in technology education class?

Well upon your acceptance or enrollment into the class, your professor will give you three tasks.
1.) You must find Dorothia Vladmar IV and reunite her with her royal family at the Vladmar estate in Dromodon 9.

2.)After your arrival at her estate on Dromodon 9 a wizard will appear and question your political beliefs. Kick him in the "nuts" and tell him to SCRAM! This will open a portal to Narnia, you may only enter if the faun's give you a thumbs up. They probably won't. So you must return to Dromodon 9 and butcher the Vladmar family. I know, it's wrong, but that will stop the Gerbil People of Gerbillion 11 from dominating Earth.

3.) Destroy the portal to Narnia, and tell your professor that you had completed tasks two and one. He or she will give you anything higher than a C. This is because you have not completed the third task. For this task you must find your local barber shop and shave all your hair off. Then after doing so you will be able to return to class, and upon arrival you may begin the course.

NOTE: The three tasks are completely fake.

You actually solve mathematical equations with team mates more often than not and build small scale model structures and apply things you've learned to real life situations in an engineering field!