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I had the same problem with my 92. Both the mechanic I took it to and the muffler said it needs a new catalitic converter. It is not getting warm enough in the idle mode and that is why is failing.

You should also take the car to a qualified emmissions specialist and have him pull trouble codes. There may be other reasons for your problem.

AnswerYour engine needs to be up to operating temperature. My 99 Metro had the same problem and was due to stuck open thermostat. If your water temperature gage does not read in the middle and stays near or at the bottom, then your thermostat is stuck open and you need to replace it. The needle should almost always be at the middle of the water gage and you should pass emissions.
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1995 Geo Metro where is the air temper sensor at?

It is behind the throttle body on air filter housing. At 2 o'clock of the air filter housing,

What should be done to stop a oil leak from a 99 Chevy Metro crankshaft position sensor?

the seal on the crank shaft needs replaced

When a scan shows your oxygen sensor needs replaced does the upstream or down stream or both needs to be replaced on your 1996 Geo metro 1.3 4-cylinder?

If they are the same sensor... replace the easy one first and if the code returns, take the old one and replace the other one

On 91 Geo Metro Convertible .Why do you have to run a hot wire to the coil to get it to run.I have replaced the ECU and that did not work?

Does it have an ignition control module? That may be the cause. Or possibly a MAP sensor or a Crank position sensor or Cam position sensor. Check those first.

Where is the Wells Camshaft Position Sensor on a Chevy Metro 2000?

I have a 1998 Metro with the 1.3l and the Camshaft Position Sensor is located on the bottom of the oil pan.

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1998 Geo Metro?

the fuel filter is in the tank.

Where is the fuel pump on geo metro?

The fuel pump is in the gas tank. While you are in there, you should replace the screen that is on the suction side of the pump. Also, the fuel filter is just outside the tank and should be replaced. Mr Geo Metro

Oil filter 1995 Geo Metro lsi?

what about it?

Just replaced fuel pump and fuel filter car still stalls 1997 geo metro 1.3 liter?

fuel intake filter inside of gastank is collapsed. Remove the fuel intake line from the fuel pump and blow the filter open with a high pressure air hose.

Where is vacuum sensor located on a 1991 Chevy Metro 454 engine?

that must be some metro to have a big block

Where is oxygen sensor on Geo Metro?

under he motor mount

Installation of a crankshaft position sensor on your Chevy Metro?

it is located on the head

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 Chevy Metro?

IT DOES NOT HAVE ONElocation of Chevy metro fuel filterits located, so im told, on the top of the gas tank. the tank has to be dropped to change it.

Can a shorted out oxygen sensor destroy the computer on a 1997 Geo Metro?

It is possible as the signal from the oxygen sensor is sent to the computer

What sensors fuel system components should be replaced to get back to the highest fuel economy on a 1990 Geo Metro XFI?

first up i would replace air filter and fuel filter then get engine tune up if nothing has been changed on vehicle, you should not have to change sensors

Where on a 1995 Geo Metro is the IAT sensor?

connected to the air cleaner housing

Where is the fuel filter on a 200 Geo metro 3 cylinder car?

Are you referring to a 200 model Metro? If so, there is no fuel filter to replace. 1998-2000 Metros have a fuel strainer in the tank. I have a 1999 Metro 3-cylinder and learned this over the summer when contacting the Chevrolet dealer. Are you referring to a 200 model Metro? If so, there is no fuel filter to replace. 1998-2000 Metros have a fuel strainer in the tank. I have a 1999 Metro 3-cylinder and learned this over the summer when contacting the Chevrolet dealer.

Geo Metro crank sensor location?

LOL, some dont have crank sensors my friend! if you dont have a crank sensor by your oil pan then you have a bad distributor sensor!

Diagnose Fault Code PO134 1997 Geo Metro?

O2 sensor CKT No Activity (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

Where is the air cabin filter located on a 2001 Chevy Metro LSI?

You won't find one. It didn't come with a cabin filter.

Where on a 1992 Geo Metro is the IAT sensor?

on a 3 cyl.metro,the iat sensor is found on the air cleaner housing towards the rear of the assembly

What could be wrong with a 1996 geo metro starts but stalls when giving it gas?

this could be a number of things, air filter bad gas timing plugs wires rotor cap fuel filter or a sensor. I would suggest starting with fresh gas with a good carb cleaner and a tune up.

How do you install oxygen sensor for Chevy Metro?

you gotta take the old one out first

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 96 Geo Metro lsi 4cyl?

It is in the diistributor.

What is the access point to get into the gas tank for the fuel filter on a 1993 Geo Metro 3 cyl standard?

The fuel filter on my 1993 Metro LSI convertible is on the left hand frame near the fuel tank. Right by the strut.