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The LEVI'S 511 Skinny Extra Slim Mens Jeans are designed to fit a slim build.

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Q: What do you do that makes them "slim" for the LEVI'S 511 Skinny Extra Slim Mens Jeans?
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Who makes ie jeans?

levis doesn't make ie jeans. I called them on the phone and they had no idea who manufactures ie jeans.

How do you make normal guys jeans into girls skinny jeans?

You can turn the jeans inside-out and then sew thread down the side of the leg (typically the outside of each leg). Then turn them back "outside-in" and they will be skinnier, the further inward you sew, the skinnier they will be.They do make men's skinny jeans, which aren't that hard to find anymore, Levis makes them among others.

What is the difference between jeans and skinny jeans?

jeans are loose around the ankles.. skinny jeans are tight around the ankle, which makes them easy to tuck into boots.

What is the difference between Dockers and Levis?

Dockers makes mostly Khaki pants and Levi's are more about jeans.

What are the most rugged mean's jeans?

Wranglers and Levis original buttonfly 501 jeans are popular brands. Carhart makes jeans that wear well and last long for serious outdoor work and play.

Who makes jeans that have a number on the leather tag?

Are you talking about Levis?

Do johncena were skinny jeans?

john cena the wrestler? haha, they don't really make skinny jeans that would fit him. i think it would have to be like 90%spandex/10%denim to even fit him. he DOES NOT WEAR SKINNY JEANS. Look at his pics.. it's physically impossible. How did I get to this answer: I looked at him, and then looked at my 34X34 "skinny jeans" and I wouldn't think he's bigger than a 38" waist, but still, both of his legs makes ONE of mine, and my levi's skinny 510 jeans are pretty darn tight.

Are you a loser if you dont have skinny jeans?

No, not owning skinny jeans does not make you a loser. In fact, in my personal opinion, not having skinny jeans makes you a winner because there are very few people with a body shape that is flattered by skinny jeans. Many people I see wearing what I am guessing are skinny jeans just look like they are trying to fit into jeans that are 1-2 sizes too small for them; it tends to be an unflattering look. Also, skinny jeans are a trendy fashion; in a few years they will be unfashionable (again) and wearing them will be seen as being 'out of date'. A more pragmatic buy in jeans is well fitting straight leg to slight flare boot cut jeans - they will never be out of style, will look reasonably good on most body shapes and because they aren't trendy they are usually cheaper as well.

What is it about a new pair of skinny jeans that makes a woman feel real good?

Very likely it's marketing.

Can you wear skinny jeans instead of tights with a dress?

Of course! In my opinion, I think it looks better, but it makes you unique :-)

Are there any men's jeans sold with extra room in the crotch?

Yes, some retailers provide extra crotch room in some of their jeans. There are several types of men's jeans with extra crotch room, and Levi's makes some that are designed for outdoor use which would be perfect.

Are skinny jeans for skinny people?

yes. because im a skinny person and i use skinnies. .........skinny jeans are for everyone, the purpose of skinny jeans is actually to make you look skinnier, make your legs long and best of all make your booty look big! it doesn't matter if you are skinny or not, as long as you are comfortable and confident its o.k It's not like overweight people can't wear skinny jeans. It's not a rule so anyone can wear them. Don't body shame. Every body is beautiful. Go ahead wear whatever makes you happy. It's your body for a reason, appreciate your body. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!

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