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Q: What do you do to calm yourself down when your crying over someone's death?
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How do you calm rage?

crying can sometimes help

How do you stop crying when laughing?

Try to tell the person that is making you laugh to stop the jokes, and calm yourself by doing deep breaths. This is my method, may not work for you.

What can you do with someones soul if it belongs to you?

You can be calm and act normal and when your done sell it

What are the release dates for Calm Yourself - 1935?

Calm Yourself - 1935 was released on: USA: 28 June 1935

How do you say calm down in Gaelic Irish?

Glac staidéar! Lig fút! Calm yourself!

How can you calm yourself down?

because i worry a lot

How do you calm yourself down?

Eat chocolate

What are the ratings and certificates for Calm Yourself - 1935?

Calm Yourself - 1935 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed (National Board of Review) USA:Approved (PCA #963)

How can you calm a crying child at daycare?

try to remember to give the girl or boy that runs the daycare a picture of your self. When he or she starts crying show the picture of the mom to her or him. If it is still crying then ask how old he or she is. If she or he is over 3 then ask what is wrong and see if you can fix it.

What does it mean when a hamster makes a crying sound?

If a hamster makes a crying sound, it is TERRIFIED. Let it back in it's cage to calm down, or let it run on the floor, but make sure it is undisturbed.

Can a baby sense stress in other people?

Yes they can. If a baby cant stop crying and it senses your stress it will cry even more. so if a baby is crying make it happy and pretend your calm! :)

If a puppy keeps crying in his crate what do you do?

If a puppy keeps crying just let it be for a little and if it doesn't stop then go open the crate door and just pet it and kinda calm it down for a little

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