What do you do to get back at your older sister?

Well it all depends if you want to do something bad to her or scare her or embarrass her!

1) If you want to do something bad to her then put marbles on some stairs then when she walks down them she will trip.

2) If you want to scare her then put something that shes afraid of on a computer monitor. For example my sister made me mad so i put the clown It as the background on my computer monitor. She hates clown so it scared the crap out of her lol!

3) If you want to embarrass her than bring out some baby pictures where she is naked and show them to her boyfriend. Or you can put red paint or something red on a seat and when she sits on it, it will look like she started her period! Then she will walk around like that and she wont know!! I did that to my sister once! :)