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Put it in a warm damp/humid dark place. You could put it in a bowl with a little water in the bowl, cover it with cling film and put it under your bed.

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What types of mold grow on fruit?

Blue Mold is one type of mold that grows on fruit.

Does mold grow faster on bread or fruit?

fruit as it is ALIVE!

Can mold jump from fruit to fruit?

No, mould will only grow on old fruit so it will not grow on a fresh apple

Why do tomatoes grow mold?

Why do tomatoes deserve to be the only vegetable/fruit/WHATEVER IT IS not to grow mold? Everything grows mold, eventually.

Why does fruit get moldy?

Mold can grow on any organic material including fruit. Fruit contains water and nutrients that are needed for mold growth.

Does mold grow faster on fruit or veggies?

fruit because it has both water and mold grows better in acidic environments.

How does fruit grow mold?

i dont kn o

What fruit can grow mold?

any 1 any 1

Why do oranges grow mold so fast?

Because they are a perishabble fruit.

How long does it take for a fruit to grow mold?

the fruit that mold's the fastest is an apple it takes 1 week

Why does fruit grow mold?

some fruits are moist and with no air it makes spoilage

Does mold grow faster on fruit or vegetable?

This would depend on the moisture of the fruit or vegetable, and nutrients, and the type of mold. Mold doesn't care about classifications or tastes - it only cares about what gives it energy and helps it grow. Unripe, dry, thick-skinned things won't encourage mold growth as well as thin-skinned, decomposing, moist organic matter, regardless of being fruit or vegetable.

Why does mold grow on fruit and bread?

because of the spores that travel everywhere that sticks to foods and grows into a type of fungi called mold.

Can candied fruit kept in the fridge grow mold?

yes, depending on how long it has been there.

How does cheese grow mold?

it does not grow mold all

Does mold grow on chicken?

Mold can grow on anything and Yes.

How long does it take for an orange to grow mold in the fridge?

It would take a longer time to grow mold on an orange in the fridge than it would being left out in room temperature. Putting fruit in the fridge helps the fruit stay fresher for a long time period. I would think it would take a couple of weeks, in other words a long time for an orange to grow mold while in the fridge.

Moldy fruit bad?

Moldy fruit is bad. Mold is a fungus and you can get very sick from Mold

Does bologna grow mold?

Yes, any food can have mold grow on it.

Does mold grow in light places?

No mold does not grow on lights places

What makes mold grow on beans?

What makes mold grow on beans?

What ingredients grow mold?

There are many different kinds of ingredients that grow mold. Fruits and breads can grow many different kinds of mold.

Does mold grow on organic matter?

Yes, mold does grow on organic matter. For example, mold will grow on feces, and feces is organic matter.

How does mold grow on fruit?

Fruit are exposed to spores from their formation to your refrigerator. These spores germinate and grow along the surface of the fruit looking for an opening in the outer covering. Once found, the fungus begins to send in hyphae and continue to grow. When enough growth has occurred, the fungus will produce conidia, or spores.

Does a pear grow mold?

You'll find that almost everything has the potential to grow mold. That includes foods which, when they rot, often grow mold. So yes, a pear can grow mold. I suggest you eat it before it does.

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