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The condensor drain tube is clogged. Find the drain line and unclogg it.

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Q: What do you do to stop water from leaking onto the passenger floorboard when the air conditioner is operating?
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Water in floorboard?

Passenger's side? Could be a leaking heater core

How do you check if my heater core is leaking?

Antifreeze will be leaking in the floorboard on the passenger side, there will be a smell of antifreeze through the vents.

Why is there a water puddle in the passenger floorboard of your 2004 dodge Dakota?

heater core is leaking.

What causes fluid to be on the passenger floorboard of a 1997 Kia Sportage?

Probably a leaking heater core.

Why is there water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of your Chevy Monte Carlo?

bad door seals

Why is there radiator water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of Hyundai Excel?

This would be caused by a leaking heater core, or a leak in the plumbing associated with it.

Why does water leak on passenger side floorboard s10?

If that water is engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

2001 Ford Taurus leaking antifreeze Passenger floorboard is completely soaked and you are constantly replacing fluid Is it the heater core?

your heater core is leaking i would replace it.

Why is 2005 Dodge Durango leaking water from passenger side?

Because the air conditioner is running.

Why are you leaking coolant on your passenger floorboard Ford Econoline F 150?

The heater core (a small radiator for your heat) is leaking, I would suggest a new heater core as they are about as cheep to replace as they are to repair.

Why is the passenger side floorboard wet on your 2007 Ford Five Hundred?

Either the heater core is leaking or you have a leak at the windshield or the cowl. If the fluid tastes sweet it is coolant and your heater core is leaking.

2005 impala - water leaking into passenger side?

Possibly air conditioner drain hose is clogged

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