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Have someone check to see if your timing belt is broke. I had the same problem with my Daewoo Leganza and the timing belt was broke also check your valves they may be bent. +info+ i have a 2000 lanos they recalled mine for the wiring harnes issue and also a problem with the cam pos sen in certain modales that could cause the car to just stop also but mine wasnt one of them thank god the way to tell was a certain number's in the vin#

Answerokay, what i need to know is weather or not it's turning over, my car a 200 Daewoo lanos has a fuse that blew a few weeks ago and i had no idea that it would kill my car, i believe it is labled as Engine sensor or something like that middle of fuse panel inside of the car. Apparently it kills all spark to the engine, the DIS "distributorless Ignition System" fuse will do the exact same thing. Car will not start or run. let me know if you need any more help such as how to change a starter, believe me im an expert at it now and im only 18, 3 starters in my car so far. 2000-daewoo Lanos first replacement starter was put in at around 40,000 miles, second replacement was put in at about 54,000 miles. If you must replace the starter be sure to pay for the lifetime warranty, you'll need it.

Answer2000 Daewoo Lanos Shutdown problems/causes:

I have been working with my brother's Daewoo Lanos 2000 since about 15,000 miles. The ecm (stick-shifts) is located in a very poor location as is the wiring harness to the computer. The AC has a fluid leak problem and unless you drain the hose and drill a drain hole in it the AC will leak into the passanger floor (where the ecm and harness is and cause the shutdown problem. After this has affected the ecm and harness it MAY recover if you dry it out AND wrap the harness wires (something that should have been done at the factory), BUT the ecm will continue to be affected by cool wet mornings or evenings. To repair this the best thing you could do is relocate the ecm and wiring harness to a safer location (not an overly easy task) AND check the wiring harness connections, removing the corrosion that you WILL find there. BEFORE you think of replacing the ecm try this first it can save you hundereds that you may not need to pay out.

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Q: What do you do when a 2000 Daewoo Lanos totally stops running on a freeway and not do anything to start back up The battery is totally charged?
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