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If you really like the girl you have been with for five months, I would recommend staying with her. If you like her friend better, then break up with your current girl and begin dating the new one.

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โˆ™ 2013-08-08 18:06:46
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Q: What do you do when a girl you have got after 5 months hard work then her friend says she likes you?
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If you are sitting with a girl you like just you and her in class and her friend infers that you are on a date does that mean she likes you?

It really is hard to say. The only way to get a true indication is by asking her if she likes you to.

What does it mean if a girl's best friend is always talking to you?

depends on what the girl talks to you about. if she talks about her friend all the time, she's probably trying to hook you guys up-the girl probably likes you. if she just talks to you a lot in general about everything though, then she likes you. derr. it's not that hard to figure out.

How do you know if a girl a likes you?

It is pretty hard to know, but i would get a friend to ask, or ask them yourseles, don't be shy, they'll eentually crack

Why is it so hard for guys to get the hint that a girl likes them?

Guys find it hard to get the hint that a girl likes them because they may not know how to read body language.

If your best friends girl friend likes you?

if she really likes you more she will break up with your friend and ask you out its always hard if your stuck in the middle you haven't done everything wrong just be careful that she doesn't try anything while going out with your best friend . She may just be confused but really you have to talk to your friend and her

When do you get a girl whos your friend to be a girlfriend?

Once your in the friend zone it's hard to get out of it

What to do if a girl likes you as a friend?

Treat her as a friend and accept it. Don't push anything to happen because even if something could happen in the future it won't because you would've tried too hard to force it.

How do you become friend with a girl?

You talk to her. How hard is that to figure out?

How do you get a guy that likes you but is just your friend hard without being obvious?


What do you do when youtr friend likes a girl but the girl doesn't like him but instead she likes you?

well that si hard to answer, it realy depends if the girl will change her mind. Also you could try to "woo" her yourself (become a couple and then dump her) she should no longer like you, thus giving the other guy a chance.

Do you have a chance with this girl?

Whether or not you have a chance with this girl depends wholly on how hard you try, and whether or not she likes you. If she likes you, you may very well have a chance.

What if best friend start to like the same girl?

well, that is a hard one well, that happened to me too, exepted me and my friend liked the same guy. well, you have to find out who the girl likes more. And that will usually tell who she wants if she does not want you, you have to find somebody else

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