What do you do when a long-distance boyfriend claims you're the love of his life and even speaks of marriage but suddenly loses interest and avoids your calls and finally dumps you?

The stats for long-distance romances are extremely low. A couple needs to be together at least 4 - 6 times a year and have physical and communicative contact or it simply doesn't work in most cases. Unfortunately, it sounds as if he has grown weary of the long-distance romance and possibly found someone else. Personally I believe there is nothing better than the good old fashion way of meeting the opposite sex. You could meet that special person through friends, bump into them at a movie theater, concert, etc., and begin dating and forming a relationship. Long distance is not the answer. Some people will come forward and say that their long-distance relationship has worked out and it's possible, but the stats speak for themselves. For every 1 there are at least a 100 that doesn't work out and, it also can be a dangerous way of meeting a very unsavory person. People can hide behind emails, phone calls and you just never know who you are talking too or if they are telling you the truth or not. Start getting out and mixing with friends and eventually you will meet that special someone. Good luck!