What do you do when both you and your best friend like the same guy and nobody knows that you like him and everyone nows that she likes him yet you don't want to hurt anybody's feelings?

Well, If i were you i would go up to the Guy, And tell him that you and your best friend like and, ask him If he likes, you, or Her, he might so Neither he might like someone else, brace youself he might like you, he might like her, if he Likes you, Go up to her, and say hey gurl, I did not want To tell you this But i am going to be honest with you because you are my best friend and I Don't want To hide anything, but me and you like the same guy,So i walked up to him and told him that i had feelings for him, and He told me that he likes me in the same way and he wants to take futher Actions, So i hope you Don't get mad at me and get hard feelings, because i would understand it if he did not like me and Liked you. So please be The best Friend that you are And understand How hard it was for me To tell you with me Knowing that you really Liked him so please Understand and forgive Me because i am Comeing To you instead of keeping it from you.